Sunday, July 03, 2011

Zippered Bag and Card Holder

Continuing with the theme of "being prepared" with handmade gifts this year.  I made a pencil case for my nephew with a zip.  I still dislike working with zips, however I figure if I keep practising it may become easier.

Lined inside with green checked fabric.

Another design was tried for the loyalty / business card holder... being from a large family I did not want to make everyones holder the same, so I am trying different designs.  The plastic tie in this photo looks quite bright, although it does tie in nicely with my new business cards.

Tomorrow I am sewing more Breast Cancer Drain Bags.  I donate 6 bags each month, and with the help of family and friends I have been able to honour this commitment.  However, I handed over the last lot of bags I had made today, so that they can be donated to the Wagga hospital tomorrow, so it is back to the sewing machine to make more.

Until next time

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