Sunday, July 10, 2011

Printing on Fabric Hint

Do you want to print on fabric, but do not have any fabric sheets available.  Today I found a way, very easy and economical. 

Note: I will not take any responsibility for printer problems, if you try this hint.

Take a A4 sheet of card stock and press double-sided tape around the entire edge.  This acts as a stabiliser for the printer and gives weight to the fabric.

Cut your calico (fabric) to the same size.  Press it onto the card stock, ensuring you smooth out all bubbles, and snip off any threads from the sides.

Take it to your ink-jet printer, and if possible feed it through the back, so that it goes straight through the printer.  ( I am using a Canon MX340 printer).  I selected "high" print quality to ensure that I got the darkest print possible.

Slowly remove the printed fabric from the cardboard, try not to pull too quickly, else you will have loose threads

The same card stock, with the double-sided tape can be used at least three times successfully before being replaced.

These printed sheets are going to be made into bags. It is a good idea to heat set the ink by ironing on the reverse side before sewing up.

I used the Tagxedo site to create these graphics

What would you print onto fabric, using this tip?



  1. That is so clever, I'll definitely give it a go as soon as I can get my printer and computer to see each other - just why they don't, I don't know. I mean, they sit almost next to each other, maybe they have bad eyesight

  2. I would print my quilt labels. and pictures for memory quilts. What a cool idea. I hope this works on my Kodak. And about the poster with the printer and comp. issue. try reloading the driver for your printer if that doesnt fix it go to the web site and see if there are any updates for your printer.

  3. Absolutely fabulous - I tried this with some graphics for my card making, and it worked wonderfully - thank you

  4. Well I tried it on my Kodak and it worked awesome. However I found a really cool alternative to the tape (cuz I didn't have any). I used quilt basting spray. It holds the fabric and comes off easy, no sticky residue and it is reusable. I just place a piece of plastic over it to keep it clean. Thanks for an amazing and WAY cheaper alternative to buying printer fabric sheets.