Saturday, July 09, 2011

Coasters Make Over

These coasters were dull and boring, so while I had the ModPodge out, they had a makeover.

I purchased the coaster graphics from Sunflower Friends - Sondra has the most amazing printables, and I purchase a lot of graphics from her.

A new look for my coasters... printed graphics on cardboard, cut out and ModPodge to the coasters.  I put three coats of ModPodge on top, so that they would take the wear.

A quick look at another couple of recycled business card tags - these were quick and easy using Theodora Cleave hand painted wooden buttons

I need to purchase more Christmas Stamps, as I think they need just a little extra on the tag. Maybe a background? I think I need to play with them a little more as I am not quite happy with the final result.

Till next time

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