Sunday, October 27, 2013

Button Wreaths

My sister Sue and I got out the button jar today and made these little button wreaths for the Christmas tree.

The only supplies needed were BUTTONS, chenille stick, ribbon and cord.  This was the mess, and the quality of the photo is bad, because we were sitting outside in the sunshine crafting.
You can finish off each wreath differently .. a couple of examples are:
With just a bow
Or with a accent button
Lots of fun, and a good use of your button jar.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Paper Straw Tree Ornaments

I received an email from one of my suppliers with this cute little project for Christmas. 

Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments.

I had the supplies required, so I decided to give them a go ... quick and easy and I think an ideal project for older children.

For each tree you require, 1 1/2 paper straws, 1/2 chenille stick, 7 pony beads, 1 star bead, and a little piece of cord for the hanger.
As I could not find any green paper straws, I thought I would try it with plastic straws.  The colours are not as deep, however it certainly does work the same.
This is a start on my handmade Christmas tree decorations for 2013
Click on the "suppliers" link above for the instructions to make these little trees.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Pegs

A quick and easy Halloween craft for you

Place some Halloween themed or coloured washi tape on one side of your wooden pegs.  Then using stickers, glue them to the top of the pegs.
I have used some free graphics, and my apologies to the originator as I downloaded them a few years ago, and I cannot remember where from.  I just printed them on cardstock, punched them out and then glued them to the top of the pegs.
These can now be used to close off treat bags, place a magnet on the back and place on the fridge to hold your children's Halloween projects.  Easy and many uses.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Orange Sculptures at Griffith

Every year thousands of people head to Griffith NSW to view these citrus sculptures.  The 3D sculptures are created using more than 100,000 oranges and the same number of rubber bands to hold the fruit in place.  My sister Sue and I were one of the many visitors yesterday.

Each day the volunteers replace any damaged fruit.  It really is a most impressive and unique display.  I think my favourite is the Kentucky Chicken display - it was huge.
This is my first attempt at using Picaso to generate a collage and I wonder why I have not used this free software before?  It was so simple to use, although I should probably straighten each photo in the collage!
What did you get up to at the weekend?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Did you know I am a "GREAT" Aunt?

I love being called Great Aunt Judith, doesn't that conjure up a ancient old lavender smelling person that you have to visit and let kiss you ... it gives me quite a giggle that these two little rascals call me "Great Aunt Judith"

These two are my eldest sisters', youngest sons' children, Clay & Brooke

Ann (my sister) has dressed them up for a 1920's birthday party, and she sent me the photos which I had to share.

Don't they look adorable?
Lots of new products being ordered for my online store for Christmas, so I am being busy, although I would love to take time to make something for Halloween.
Judy  (aka Great Aunt Judith)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pink Ribbon Gifts and Birthday Party

As mentioned in my last post, I finished off my guests pink ribbon gifts .. now I am not going to show you what I made until after the dinner as I know a couple follow my blog, he he

The first photo is a easy one - Pink Ribbon Water Bottles

All I have done is here, is printed out the pink ribbon graphics, and just wrapped it around the bottle. I think it looks effective.

Next is the mystery bag of gifts

I can tell you there are three little gifts inside these cute pink candy striped bags tied off with pink tulle.

All Done ...

Then last weekend, we went to Tumut to celebrate my nephew Thomas's 9th birthday.  I have to tell you after playing a game of soccer with the family, I am absolutely sure I am not as young as I used to be ... boy, I ached the next day, and that is not just because I had football stud marks in my ankles, ouch!

Close-up of the cake, I did not feel at all guilty having a slice with all that fruit on top .. it was delicious.

Until next time


Sunday, October 06, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

I have eventually found time to get back and update my blog.  Life at the moment is extremely busy.
My Red Carpet Market Day was extremely successful, not just for myself but for all staff holders, which was fantastic.  It was very well promoted, and I think this is one of the reasons it was so successful.

The annual Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer dinner is coming up, and luckily I have finished the 120 small gifts for all the participants.  Little mystery boxes... I know what is inside, do you?

Now all that is left to make is the little thank you gifts for my table of guests. I have all the supplies ready and I have dedicated this weekend, to getting them all finished.
Do you see that little rotary cutter in the bottom left hand side of the photo.  It is one that I had in my online store, and it is the most fantastic cutter for paper.  It also means that I do not grab my fabric cutter by mistake. 
The Pink Ribbon dinner is being held the same weekend that I have a trade table at a Quilt Exhibition in Ganmain, so I will have to be extremely organised to be able to attend both functions.  I will have all the pink ribbon gifts finalised this weekend (fingers crossed) and then spend next week getting product organised for the Quilt Exhibition.
The following weekend, I will be in Tumut, with my nephew celebrating his 9th birthday, they are growing up so quickly, and I adore spending time with them.
Then the next weekend is the Pink Ribbon dinner as well as the Quilt Exhibition, so you can see the reason I have to be organised, and can I also use this as an excuse for not updating my blog?
I know it is not really an excuse, as everyone leads such busy lives, but the time just seems to be moving quicker than normal lately
Have a great weekend