Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Goodie Bags

The orange tic tacs were transformed into Halloween Treats just by covering them in black card stock

I used the same measurements for the cover as used previously (see here)  tied off on the side with some Halloween coloured ribbon, added a free printable graphic... all done

I am loving what can be done with decorating a packet of tic- tacs, I am already brainstorming how I can use them for Christmas gifts.

All that was needed for the next lot of little Halloween treats was to print out some mint books ...these were free downloads from Pattywraps.

The Creepy Crawly mint book was filled with a little packet of maltesers, and the witches leg mint book was filled with a small packet of M&M's.  I think the children will like these treats.
All the goodies were then placed in a Halloween themed treat bag.  Can you see what I have forgotten to add before this photo was taken?
I forgot, the witchie poo lollipop holders, and the tic-tacs.  I did remember to put them in the bag before I tied it off.
All the treats placed in the bag, tied off with a tag and a spooky eye.
These three bags are being sent off to my nieces and nephew.
I placed all these goodie bags plus the Halloween Hand Treat bags in a mailing box which I had decorated the lid with a Halloween graphic and some spooky decorations.
I wrapped the gifts in some spooky spider weave type fabric under which I had layered some spiders .. scary
I hope I will not get blamed for any nightmares next week.  They are already in the post so should arrive in time for Halloween.  Hope they like them?
Now to start on Christmas gifts.  My best friend and I decided to exchange advent gifts, and I must admit I have not really started on mine (yet).  They need to be delivered by the 1st December, so I had better get busy.  Not sure if all will be handmade, but I will try my best.  Maximum spend is $5.00 so if anyone has any ideas, they would certainly be appreciated.  My friend is a very crafty lady and loves Christmas as much as I do.
Christmas is coming much to quickly and I need to get more organised.  All the trade shows are finished for the year, so I have no excuses, however I am sure I will be able to think of some.
Until next time

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Final - Pink Ribbon Dinner

Our annual Pink Ribbon dinner was held successfully over the last two evenings, a great night with lots of fabulous food, fun and fundraising.  I was even lucky enough to win a massage voucher.

All the pink ribbon gifts were welcomed (and praised) from the guests, and I also received a certificate of thanks.  This will look lovely framed on the wall in the craft studio.

The ladies on my table, loved the little gift bags I put together for them, and they even shared the spare gifts between them at the end of the evening.
Now I have 12 months to think up another idea for "thank you" gifts.
I have not forgotten the orange tic tacs, they are nearly complete and I will be able to share the end results with you very soon. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Another idea

While I was looking at the "Sew Many Ways" blog, I discovered another version of the Halloween Glove Treat Bag - check out this site for the information on their version.  Very easy!  These look like gnarly, old hands....creepy ...

Photo is from High Heels & Grills Blog

I am not sure if candy corn pieces are available in Australia, I know they are not available in my little town, but you could use the fake witches fingers to get a similar result.
I did not get a chance to have any craft time with my nieces and nephew over the weekend, so I will have to make up a halloween parcel (with the treat bags included) and sent it to them ... they will love getting a parcel in the mail.
Take care

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Treat Bags

When I was in the supermarket this morning, I loaded a lot of chocolate treats into my basket.  I am sure the checkout girl, thought I was really going to have a "binge"!

These are a few of the goodies that I purchased to make a "quick and easy" Halloween treat bag.
1. Disposable Gloves
2. Long slender sweets to put into the fingers of the gloves
3. More sweet treats for the hand portion
4. Fake witches fingernails
5. Scary Ring
This is the finished product, scary?  I have placed a little cobweb type fabric in the top of the glove and then tied it off with a ribbon and a scary creature.  What looks like an eye in the creature is actually a dot on the ribbon, I like how it turned out.
This took about 5 minutes to put together and will be a great Halloween project for your children. I have only made the one and I am going to leave the rest for my nieces and nephews to make.  They may be visiting this weekend, and as I am "supposed" to be busy preparing for a trade show on Sunday I will not have time to have a craft day with them.
I can supply all the materials, and let them make their own treat bags for their friends.
I also purchased some orange tic-tacs and think I will play with them next week to make a Halloween version of my pink ribbon tic-tacs.
Until next week

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Treats

Halloween is not really celebrated in Australia, although we do get some children in my neighborhood dressing up and coming to the door trick or treating!

I usually just get some store-bought candy, but this year, time permitting, I am going to put together some treats myself.  This is a trial run, and these ones will be going to my nieces and nephew.

Here we have witchie-poo lollipop holders and mummy chocolate bar covers. Both are free printables from Laurie Furnell - click here to see her blog.

1.  Cute little mummy wrappers - these are so cute they would not scare anyone!

I have resized this graphic to fit around the very small children's Cadburys chocolates.  You buy them 5 in a pack, usually with animal graphics on the front. (I did not take a photo before wrapping)
2. Witchie-Poo Candy Holder - a very cute colourful witch
These have been printed on card stock, I could fit 3 onto one page.  I then cut a slit in the arms and threaded a Allens lollipop through to look like she was holding it.  You could laminate these if you wish, however I thought for the time it would take it would not be worthwhile.

Now to find out what else I can make up for Halloween.  There are so many generous talented people on the web that freely share their designs and ideas, we are so very lucky!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Pink Ribbon Gifts - 2

Remember I said that I had an idea about using these?

See what they look like now?
I really love how they turned out, quick and easy as well, which is a bonus.
These are the small packets of tic tacs, and I cut my cardstock 2-1/2" x 4-1/2".  Scored at 1/2" and then at 2-1/8".  Then I measured from the opposite end 1-5/8" and scored again.  It ended up looking like this.
The little 1/2" section wrapped around the side of the pack.  I used a 1" circle punch to cut out the hole.  No actual measurements, just lined it up in the middle, and punched.  The snowflake was punched using a Martha Stewart snowflake punch, and then a little rhinestone added to the centre for accent.
Using the same breast cancer printables from Chickabug (see here) I used a glue dot to attach to cover, just overlapping the hole a little bit and ensuring that you catch the ribbon underneath.
Tie the ribbon off in a bow on the side ...
Ten completed - what is next?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Pink Ribbon Gifts - 1

I have started on the individual Pink Ribbon gifts for my guests at the annual Pink Ribbon Dinner.  I usually have a table of 10 and I make up a special little bag of goodies for them.

I continued with the idea of wrapping washi tape around a tea light. (See original post here)   I had some lovely pastel pink tape with snowflakes on it, just ideal.

I could then fit these three tea lights in a little white box.  I used a cardboard separator between each tea light.
Lid closed, with a pink ribbon sticker and tied with a gorgeous pink polka dot ribbon.  Really sweet
I have completed 10 little boxes of tea lights - these are just a few
The stickers came from Chickabug - they have a breast cancer printable for most items.  I just printed them on label paper, and used my scallop punch to cut them out.  Easy.
Now I have an idea to do something with these .....
Hope everyone had a great weekend, come back soon to see the transformation of these lovely little pink tic tacs