Friday, September 28, 2012

A Few Photos

Here a few photos of my table at the recent Leeton Quilt Exhibition and a couple of my quilts.  The photos are only "average" quality and I really should look at purchasing another camera.  My little Canon is over 15 years old and technology has advanced a lot in that time ...

Anyway - one of my tables

I love the new sign that was a "freebie" from Vistaprint.
My new modified button boards.  I can prepare them before the show and then just lock them closed.  Great work by my brother-in-law, Thank you Wayne
Here are some of the quilts I had on display
This one is called "It's Puzzling - A Sudoku Quilt" It has nine different prints and the idea is to ensure that each print is only used once in each vertical or horizontal row or within each block - like the game Sudoku but in colour.  The photo has been chopped off on the right hand side.
This quilt is called "State of Grace" it was purchased as a Moda Kit and used a Jelly Roll from the Shagri La Collection
Pity this is such a poor photo - this is a Wacky Wedge Quilt - I called it "Cat's Go Round"  It follows the lines of a "Stack and Whack" quilt, and the main fabric in this quilt which is in the outside border, formed the blocks in the centre.  Fun quilt to make
I did have more photos, but they turned out even worse than these ones.  A couple of friends took some photos, so I may see if I can get copies.
I even tried to take some of these photos on my iPad, and they were not any better.  Maybe it is not the camera that is the fault but the person holding the camera, moi!
I have three weeks to finish all the pink ribbon thank you gifts, and have an order for two dozen emery board covers, so that may be taking up some of my time in the coming weeks.
Although I have a couple of new fun projects in the pipeline for Christmas.
Until next time

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tired and Lazy

After a really big weekend at the Quilt Exhibition, I am a very tired person.  My sister Sue helped me pack up my table late Sunday afternoon, and helped unload it into my craft studio, and left it for me to put everything away in it's rightful place.

Yes well, that is where it still is ... I was too tired on Sunday evening, and yesterday we had a power outage for nearly 6 hours.  I was unable to use the computer, pack orders from the online store or anything.  It was too dark in the storage area to try and get things put away.  That is my story, and I am sticking to it.

And today, well, I am just feeling too tired/lazy.  It will be done tomorrow though, as I can hardly get into my studio with the button stands, boxes etc.

Do you ever get that way, everything seems to be a mess around you?  My house needs to be decluttered, my studio needs tidying, and please do not ask about my garden!

I have some holidays scheduled, so maybe that will recharge the batteries and things will get back to some sort of normality.

I did take some photos of my table and my quilts from last weekend, using my iPad, so I will download those and post them in the next couple of days.

Our quilt group have a challenge for next year, make something using just two fabrics.  It could be a table runner, a quilt top, cushion .... do any of my readers have some ideas what I can make? 
I am a average quilter, I do not like hand sewing, so needleturn is definitely out, but other than that I am open to suggestions?

The only photo I have to share is of a couple of breast cancer drain bags that were picked up this week.  I think my friend and I had made 10 bags for Belinda to deliver to the hospital this week, and I only took this one photo!

Both these bags were a little dull before I added the trim.  I was happy with the end result though.
I will be back soon, feeling more energised and organised (fingers crossed)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Late Nights

I saw this sign on the Internet, not sure of where, or who the owner is (sorry), but it certainly relates to me at the moment.

I am getting ready for the quilt exhibition this weekend in my hometown of Leeton NSW.  As well as submitting some of my quilts, I am also having a trade table for the two days.  Therefore I am ensuring that everything is correctly priced, and sorting out which products to take.
My brother-in-law has made modifications to my button stands, and this will be their first outing.  I will post photos, and let you know how everything went after the weekend.
Wish me luck!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rusty Tin Tags

Continuing on with the tag theme from last week - these are some rusty tags that I made last year, which I forgot to share with you.

These were simply made by cutting a tag shape from a sheet of rusty tin - this tin sheet can be cut easily with scissors. 
Then a vintage Christmas ticket graphic glued on.
The beautiful vintage Christmas tickets are a free download from "" .  This site is in Swedish but you can use Google Translate to translate it to English. There is a link to the translator on the left hand side of her blog. 
These tags are so cute - you can use them simply on a brown paper gift bag.
Remember to file down the side edges of the tag with a little sandpaper, as it can be a little sharp and you do not want anyone to get hurt.  I just used jute as the tie, but I think this year if I make some more, I would use bakers twine.
From one sheet of tin ($3.00) I could get 12 rusty tags - this is great value for money.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adding a hanging sleeve to a quilt

Scary times ahead!  I have been asked to submit some of my quilts to the local quilt exhibition.  Now, I am a amateur quilter, not really the "put on show" type, so I am a little concerned on how they will measure up.

In saying that, I am quite proud to be asked, and I will be at the exhibition with a trade table for my online business, so will hear the feedback from the visitors.

However the reason for this post, is that it was requested that all the quilts submitted have a hanging sleeve attached?  Many things went through my head, what size, how wide etc.

The Internet once again came to my rescue, and I followed these really easy instructions from the AQS via a YouTube video.

This method was so quick and easy, I made up eight sleeves in less than an hour and four of the quilts are approx 86" wide.  I intend to use safety pins to attach them to the quilts as I do not want them to be a permanent fixture.  I hope this is allowed?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vellum Tags

The last tag that I used was a Vellum Tag - these come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  I must admit I took the easy option for this sample, and used a rectangle one.

Tag 1 -  all that was needed for this tag, was a rub-on and a felt flower - simple but effective

I hope you are having a great crafting week

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dimensional Paper Tags

These new paper tags are bright!  Great for Christmas and very easy to decorate.  There are 12 tags in the pack and four of each of the three different sizes.

Tag 1 - using the smallest red tag - just the use of a Christmas stamp was all that was needed

Tag 2 - using the middle yellow size tag - just add a Christmas embellishment and a rub-on

Tag 3 - using largest red tag - with ribbons, paper flower and Christmas embellishment.  The ribbon would have looked great sewn on, but I just used double sided tape in this instance.

These were the easiest tags to decorate as all they needed were the embellishments.  Have you started your Christmas tags yet?  They are really quick and easy and it will be one less task to do right before Christmas.

I had better get these tags loaded into the Online Store as I think they will be popular. 
Update 13/9/12 - Now available in store Dimensional Paper Tags


Monday, September 10, 2012

Core-dinations White Core Tags

As promised, here are the tags I made using the Core-dinations White Core Tags

Tag 1 - Using Brads as accents on the tag.  This white core tag was covered in Christmas Scrapbook paper, a coloured "Merry Christmas" rub on centred on the tag, and then a bit of colour was added by the round brads on the bottom and the Christmas tree brad on the top right.  The colours of the brads was then co-ordinated in the Christmas ribbon used for the tie.

Tag 2 - with ribbons and stickers.  This core tag was covered in two co-ordinating pieces of scrapbook paper, base layer was burgundy with a green layer on top.  I glued the Christmas ribbon on before gluing the two background layers together.  Then just finished it off with a couple of Christmas stickers - the Santa and the HoHoHo.  It needed a little something at the top, so I used a holly flatback button on top of a glitter flower on top of a 1" punched circle of the background paper.  Burgundy and white bakers twine was used for the tie.

Tag 3 - Button accents - this tag is so cute!  It also shows the base core tag, which has been left bare.  All that was needed on this tag, was the holly vine rub-on and then three little reindeer buttons added.  Again bakers twine was used for the tie and the edge of the tag was stamped with red ink. 

Tag 4 - using Victorian Vinaigrette's ... this tag needed a little something, and I wish I had used a cotton doily rather than a paper doily to give it some more depth ... maybe next time.  Two little Victorian children were glued to the tag, one in front and the other behind the paper doily.  Pearl rhinestones glued to the centre of the doily flowers and the flowers lightly coloured with pencil.  Lastly a "sweet" rub-on was added.  Chiffon ribbon ties to complete this tag.  I also think I need to go back and ink the edges of this tag.

Tomorrow I will show you the tags I made using a new pack of tags which will be added to the online store - dimensional tags in primary colours. They have lovely shaded edges.

Until then

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Wooden Tags

I spent a couple of hours with my sister yesterday, making some tags.  Mostly Christmas ones - I know it seems early but we have to start NOW!

I was not organised (again) and just grabbed some things to take across to play with  - it did not seem much, but look at this mess on her craft room floor - all mine

First off I will show you the ones I made using wooden tags as a base

Tag 1 - Stamped Tag - this was the quickest and easiest and was definitely my favourite.
Just get your Christmas Stamps, and stamp all over it .. easy

Tag 2 - Wooden embellishments

I used a page from a book as the backing piece and then covered that with a lovely blue snowflake scrapbook paper.  Glued a wooden snowflake on top which had been aged with the DecoArt Oak Wood Stain - stamped "Believe" on a small piece of Kraft Cardstock and then to keep the natural theme, just used a piece of jute for the tie.  You cannot tell from this photo, however I also used the wood stain around the edges of the tag to finish it off.

Tag 3 - stamped embellishments

This is similar to tag 2, the wooden tag was covered with Christmas scrapbook paper, then the wooden number embellishment was stamped to colour it and then glued on - another quick and easy tag, with great results.
Tomorrow I will show you the tags I made using the Core-dinations White Core Tags

Just in case you were wondering, I did clean up my mess before I went home.  All packed up, ready to take home

Until tomorrow

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Little Lavender Pyramids

These are so easy and quick to make.  Each one just uses 2 x 4" squares of fabric, a 4" piece of ribbon and a handful of lavender.  Great project for using up more of those scraps.

I found the idea on Pinterest and then sourced the original tutorial here.  I have been having trouble sleeping, so tonight one of these little lavender pyramids is going to be placed under my pillow to see if that helps. 

Single side view
How would you package these lavender pyramids?  Individually, or two together.  I placed one and then two into a clear box, but I am not happy with the results.  It will need more playing to find the "right" way to present these little gifts.
The little ribbon hanger will allow these pyramids to be hung on hangers in your wardrobe to keep your clothing smelling fresh and clean. You can also hang them on a hook or door knob or just anywhere you wish. I think I will hang one in my linen closet as lavender is a natural moth and insect repellent . If the lavender scent begins to fade, you just need to squeeze it to make them release more of their natural oil.

Pinterest has given me lots of ideas for small gifts, and I cannot wait to try them.  I will be sure to share them with you, and let you know where I found the information.
Until next time

Monday, September 03, 2012

Three Finished

I have finished three Breast Cancer Drain Bags - need to finish at least six more before the end of September, so I had better get a wiggle on!

Do you recognise the pink one?  It is one that was cut out, way back here.  I have still not finished the other lined travel bag and Japanese Knot Bag that I had cut out ready to sew.  Still on the list.

Making the Breast Cancer Drain Bags are a fabulous way to use up your stash of fabric and help a great cause as well.

I know I will meet my target this month, as I have a friend coming to help sew tomorrow night?  I wonder how many we will get made?  I will let you know.

Enjoy your week

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Quick Candle Gifts

Do you need a gift in a hurry?  Well these two candle ideas may help you?

1.  Fabric or Washi tape tea lights

Take your basic tea light - these ones are lavender and smell divine

Now, just wrap your fabric tape around each one - it is the ideal size
Now don't they look much better?
Pop them into a box and wrap with a bow - all done!
2. Glade Candle Re-Do
I love the smell of scented candles. This Glade candle is a favourite - Apple & Cinnamon.
Carefully peel off the labels - Glade even gives you instructions on where to peel it off - very kind
Now you have a "bare" candle - all you need now is a "rub-on".  These are primarily used in scrap booking and card making.   Rub the saying or quote of your choice on the side of the glass.
Super easy. Place in cellophane bag, tie a ribbon, and you have a quick and easy personalised gift.
Do you have any super quick and easy gifts?  I would love to hear about them
Until next time