Friday, September 28, 2012

A Few Photos

Here a few photos of my table at the recent Leeton Quilt Exhibition and a couple of my quilts.  The photos are only "average" quality and I really should look at purchasing another camera.  My little Canon is over 15 years old and technology has advanced a lot in that time ...

Anyway - one of my tables

I love the new sign that was a "freebie" from Vistaprint.
My new modified button boards.  I can prepare them before the show and then just lock them closed.  Great work by my brother-in-law, Thank you Wayne
Here are some of the quilts I had on display
This one is called "It's Puzzling - A Sudoku Quilt" It has nine different prints and the idea is to ensure that each print is only used once in each vertical or horizontal row or within each block - like the game Sudoku but in colour.  The photo has been chopped off on the right hand side.
This quilt is called "State of Grace" it was purchased as a Moda Kit and used a Jelly Roll from the Shagri La Collection
Pity this is such a poor photo - this is a Wacky Wedge Quilt - I called it "Cat's Go Round"  It follows the lines of a "Stack and Whack" quilt, and the main fabric in this quilt which is in the outside border, formed the blocks in the centre.  Fun quilt to make
I did have more photos, but they turned out even worse than these ones.  A couple of friends took some photos, so I may see if I can get copies.
I even tried to take some of these photos on my iPad, and they were not any better.  Maybe it is not the camera that is the fault but the person holding the camera, moi!
I have three weeks to finish all the pink ribbon thank you gifts, and have an order for two dozen emery board covers, so that may be taking up some of my time in the coming weeks.
Although I have a couple of new fun projects in the pipeline for Christmas.
Until next time

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