Thursday, September 13, 2012

Adding a hanging sleeve to a quilt

Scary times ahead!  I have been asked to submit some of my quilts to the local quilt exhibition.  Now, I am a amateur quilter, not really the "put on show" type, so I am a little concerned on how they will measure up.

In saying that, I am quite proud to be asked, and I will be at the exhibition with a trade table for my online business, so will hear the feedback from the visitors.

However the reason for this post, is that it was requested that all the quilts submitted have a hanging sleeve attached?  Many things went through my head, what size, how wide etc.

The Internet once again came to my rescue, and I followed these really easy instructions from the AQS via a YouTube video.

This method was so quick and easy, I made up eight sleeves in less than an hour and four of the quilts are approx 86" wide.  I intend to use safety pins to attach them to the quilts as I do not want them to be a permanent fixture.  I hope this is allowed?

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  1. Belinda11:12 pm

    Congratulations Judy! Will be attending the quilt show so will be looking out for your quilts. Always enjoy this quilt show and I am sure your quilts will fit in perfectly with the high quality quilts that will be on display xo