Monday, March 10, 2008

Photos from up in "Sunny" Queensland

Hi All

Donna has sent down some photos of Toby and Miya, and boy have they grown?

Toby at 22 months

Miya and Toby - how cute
Donna made the dolls that the children are holding, and her comment was that "yes, boys need dolls as well"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tumut Home Renovations

Renovations are underway at Tumut - Stephen & Jennene are doing a lot of the work themselves, but the extensions are looking great.

Hopefully I will be able to post some photos of Pam's new house - really moving along, she hopes to be able to move in, in a couple of months ... ie end April, at least before Winter

Clay on his Christmas present

Santa was kind to Clay - Christmas 2007 - see him go !

Xmas has been and gone

Yes, I know, everyone has been asking about the Christmas photos .. here they are...

A great Christmas was held at Mums (Nana's) although it was quite different without any children, but look out this year (2008) hopefully everyone will be home. Santa will be busy.

John (and Katie) made it home for the first time in many years.

Santa and his helper were busy (Christopher & Renee)

Pam & Alison surrounded by presents

Mum and Sue on Boxing Day ----

There are many more Christmas photos, so if you would like a copy, just send me an email and I will zip them up and email to you

New Baby for Wayne & Tracey

Little girl, Brooke Lee Cozens

Arrived - 27/9/07

7.20 PM


50 CM