Sunday, December 03, 2006

December here Already

Well the month of November has been and gone without an update to the site. Even though there were a number of birthdays. Yes I have been busy! My website it up and running and business is starting "very" slowly. Check it out and feel free to purchase (just joking).
I am ready for Christmas, it is unbelievable that it is only a few weeks away. Hopefully there will be many new photos of the family from the holidays, and I hope Santa is busy shopping for you.
New photos from distant family members would be appreciated so that I can add them to this blog so that we can see how grandchildren have grown (hint hint Ann)
A couple of medical events in both Melbourne and Albury, hope both Mike and Clint are on the road to recovery.
The big news is that Renee has her license, the roads are not safe, just kidding, she is very confident.
Take care will update again soon

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thomas's 2nd Birthday photos

Well at long last I have received Thomas's birthday photos, Ann will be happy that the site has been updated!

This must be a new present, it looks like he is really enjoying it, they have room for a "real" one, maybe that is on the agenda for the future?

Blowing out the birthday candles, lovely chocolate cake, I know because I saw the photo with it all over his face

New up to date photo of the entire Tumut family, although you cannot see much of Matilda

A couple of more photos from the

Christmas countdown is upon us, and everyone is starting to panic (or is it only me?). I know some family members have already finished ...... I have started sorting, does this count?
Anyway, no fuss .... if you have a christmas present wish, please email me and I can post it so that other family members can take the hint, and also stop panicking about what to buy.

November birthdays as promised:

Nov 1st - Ann
Nov 9th - Pam
Nov 10th - Renee - look out world, she gets her P plates
Nov 13th - John
Nov 14th - Dylan
Nov 25th - Donna
Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.. till next time, Bye

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I had another birthday on Sunday, and no I am not telling you how old. I was certainly spoilt in the presents department though, and they were all gratefully received. I had a lovely day, and caught up with most of the family.

Today is Thomas's birthday, he is turning two (2) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS
Janet has taken the presents across to Tumut, so hopefully we may have a photo to upload tomorrow.

As requested by some family members, I will be putting reminders of birthdays on the blog - November is a big one for birthdays, I am guessing about 6 - 7.

I had better check before I post dates, just in case I miss someone out.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

80th birthday party

Mum's birthday was a good day, lovely and sunny, with lots of party activities. Olivia and Janet were the party co-ordinators. Balloons, fairy bread, cake, party hats etc
I think Mum would be the only 80 year old that had a Barbie candle on her cake

She received lots of flowers - even John sent some!

Lastly a photo of Mum with Matilda

Friday, September 29, 2006

Clint - Birthday boy

Photo of birthday boy (Clint) with his Mum

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Cathcart Family News

Well thanks to Donna I am going to try this out

Current news : Mum is turning 80 on Saturday, 30th September, so hopefully there will be lots of photos to be uploaded next week. Low key affair, no fuss, but I "may" cook!

Matilda May Cathcart was born on the 1 September, photos following

  • Happy Birthday to Clint - 28 today Wednesday 27th September
  • The Naumann's are off whale watching this weekend at Huskinson
  • The Youngs are off the Port Macquarie for a week on Friday, this is so that Ryan can attend a Basketball Clinic
  • Stephen and family are coming home for the weekend, so lots of photos of the new baby and of course the other members of his family. Can you believe that Olivia will be going to school next year, how that time has flown

Hopefully I will be able to upload lots of photos of all the family so that you can keep track of how they are growing.

Anyone that wishes me to put their news on this blog, please let me know, and send the information to me.

Please give feedback ,