Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Hooked

After reading a lot of my favourite blogs I have discovered the Tilda range of books which feature Tone Finnanger's designs .  Add to that the discovery of the Book Depository in the UK which ships to Australia FREE, I am in heaven (and in debt)  - they really do have a great range of books! 
I received my first order last week, and it only took 11 days from date of order until it was delivered to me  in regional NSW - how fantastic is that?

This is one of her first books and it is filled with some wonderful Christmas projects.  I especially love the idea of the "wall bags" - a great alternative to the traditional Christmas stocking.

I have to admit that I did pre-order two of her new books, and cannot wait for them to be published and in the post to me, but in the interim I did go back to the Book Depository store and ordered a couple more of her books for Christmas gifts.  I wonder if this is can be counted in the "handmade" gifts category?

Moving on - does anyone else loose items in their craft room, or are you all terribly organised and everything has a place?  I have a habit of buying supplies and then putting them somewhere (logical) for ease of access.  Unfortunately it may be many months until I need to use it, and then the "logical" place has gone into hiding.  I try and sort supplies into groupings, but because I work on a great variety of projects, it can sometimes get overwhelming (and I must admit I am a bower bird).  I have (wasted) spent a couple of hours this evening searching for my container which holds my zips, I was planning to sew some little budget envelopes.  I had chosen  the fabric and lining, and then when I went looking for the zips, they were no-where to be found, frustrating is the mildest work I can think of to use. 

Therefore no sewing this evening, and a shopping trip planned for tomorrow - I suppose that will not be too bad.
Till then

Friday, August 06, 2010

New products for the web store kept me busy

I have been busy today, adding new products to my web store.  I received some wonderful patterns from Amy Bradley Designs in the USA.  She is well known for the "Quilt Diva" trademark.
Two of her new patterns are "Fabric Addict Doll" and "Fabric Addict Wall Hanging", they are so cute ... when will I have time to try them out?

Do you agree?  Are these cute or what?  Time oh time, where can I purchase some more of this valuable resource? 

I did make some pin cushions for gifts, however they are very light in colour, so they do not photograph very well. I will try again tomorrow in the sunlight, if we have any.  Today it was a very cloudy, cold 10 degrees... good day to be on the computer.

Have a great weekend


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Farewell July, Welcome August

Another month has quickly passed me by this year, although I must admit I am glad to see the end of July.  I would be even happier if I could say goodbye to this dreaded "cold" that has been my constant companion for the last 10 days.  It has left me feeling very lethargic, and has squashed any creative vibes in my body.

Today I have the options of :
  • Updating my neglected blog
  • Surfing the web for inspiration
  • Sending out a store newsletter
  • Household chores, particulary 'IRONING'
Well as you can see, as the first option, I had to go with updating my blog.  Just to let you know that I was still alive (just) and kicking.  Hopefully there will more interesting news to talk about as the week goes by...

Wonder what Judith's challenge will be for August in the "Early Bird" challenge.  Did you check out the July winners?  I loved the "Dresdon Plate Clock".  Congratulations to all the winners.