Thursday, March 28, 2013

Carrot Cutlery

The idea seemed right, but the execution was not quite right ... oh well

I thought that I could wrap the cutlery with orange and green tissue paper to represent a carrot.  Unfortunately I could not get the desired carrot shape, but these will be a fun addition to the lunch table tomorrow anyway

Enjoy your Easter celebrations with family and friends

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Busy weekend

Did you have a busy weekend?  I sure did!
A couple of birthdays, online store to be updated, dreaded housework to be done, a little sewing

Congratulations to my nephew Ryan, he turns 18 today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  He had a party last night and everyone was very well behaved, which is a relief when you hear of so many horror stories of young ones gatecrashing parties and causing mischief.

I remembered to take a couple of photos of my yarn eggs - I like this one of the little chick poking his head out.

This one looks a little spooky with the owl eyes being quite dominant

Displayed on a platter

I think they would also look great filled with little chocolate Easter eggs, however I did not want to tempt myself, once the photo session was over

I finished sewing another 4 little wallets, two from last week have already been relocated.  I just need to sew the press stud closure on these ones.

Until next time

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sewing Time

Gosh, it was good to spend some time in the craft studio today.  It has been about 2 weeks since I have sewn, and I was having withdrawal symptoms!

I needed to make a small gift bag for a family members birthday this Tuesday, so I quickly made this one from some beautiful Satin fabric.  Nothing too fancy, just sew the sides, box the bottom, hem the top and then sew a ribbon to the back so that you can bring it around the front to tie a bow  ... easy!

Filled with goodies, ready for gift giving.  Much better than a paper gift bag!  Soft and flexible!

Then I decided to make some "Little Wallets".  This is a pattern my sister Ann sent to me, designed by Valori Wells.  These wallets have a number of uses, for your business cards, credit cards, drivers license, cash, anything you want to pop inside.


The wallet has three generous sized pockets inside, which can hold all your cards, and then keep them safe with the press stud closure.


They were such fun to make, and they may be another small gift that I can add to the Breast Cancer Drain Bags.

Also drying today, are some Yarn Eggs.  These are a Easter version of my String Balls, see here.
Excuse the mess in the background of this photo ..

The yarn was strung around a small water balloon, this was great for the sizing, however it was much harder to keep the yarn even as the bottom portion is so small.

I will show you the end results once they have dried.

Hope you have been able to get some time for your favourite craft this weekend