Sunday, March 24, 2013

Busy weekend

Did you have a busy weekend?  I sure did!
A couple of birthdays, online store to be updated, dreaded housework to be done, a little sewing

Congratulations to my nephew Ryan, he turns 18 today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  He had a party last night and everyone was very well behaved, which is a relief when you hear of so many horror stories of young ones gatecrashing parties and causing mischief.

I remembered to take a couple of photos of my yarn eggs - I like this one of the little chick poking his head out.

This one looks a little spooky with the owl eyes being quite dominant

Displayed on a platter

I think they would also look great filled with little chocolate Easter eggs, however I did not want to tempt myself, once the photo session was over

I finished sewing another 4 little wallets, two from last week have already been relocated.  I just need to sew the press stud closure on these ones.

Until next time

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