Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The best laid plans, come undone.  We had a early morning visit from the Carpet Laying Company to say that their carpet layer was sick, therefore was unable to start laying the carpets today.  Not sure when he will be back on deck!

Then, we had news that the kitchen benchtops had not yet arrived in town, and that the kitchen sink was still weeks away... now hopefully my readers have determined that I am a lady, but let me tell you, a few curse words were uttered when I heard this.

This is the disadvantage of living in a small country town, where there are no big shops that stock general building or household supplies.  I was peeved, imagine how my Mum feels when it is at least another week before she can use the kitchen!

Lets hope the carpet layer has not got anything serious wrong with him, and that he is better tomorrow, PLEASE?

I think I need to go and beat a rug or something to release my aggression/anger.

Hopefully better news tomorrow


Monday, June 25, 2012

Updates (or not)

You may have noticed that I have fallen off of the edge of the blogosphere for the past week and I cannot see it getting any better this week.  Life has been crazy, the repairs at my Mum’s house, is dragging out, although I am pleased to say that they now have a bathroom after being without for over 3 weeks.  Waiting on kitchen bench tops, and fingers crossed the carpet will be laid in the bedrooms tomorrow.  Goodbye, cold, drafty  floorboards. 

As you can imagine, I have been cooking and providing transport and bathroom services while all this is going on.  To say my Mum is looking forward to having her house to herself again is an understatement.
This weekend, I have a trade table with my buttons and sewing notions at the Barellan Quilt Exhibition.  This is being held in the Barellan Hall, so I hope to see some of my local readers there.  I have two shipments of NEW buttons on their way from the USA, but my luck, they will not arrive in time for this weekend.  Not a problem really, as I have about another 1,000 packs to take!
Hope you are having more luck with your craft than I am at the moment.  I will catch up soon.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Tissue Cover and Reasons

Well, I found out the reason I was so flat yesterday, I woke this morning with a slight head cold ... bleary eyes and sniffles.  Hope I have caught it before it gets worse!

I made a new tissue cover today, still a work in progress as I think the measurements may need to change slightly.  Not sure if it is practical, but looks OK.

I do not like having to take tissues out of their packaging to insert into this cover.  Health reasons, handling the tissues that someone is going to use!

Opens either end

Closes by pulling buttons through centre opening.

I also finished off more pink ribbon card holder key rings for the fundraising dinner. I love how these are turning out.

I still have the breast cancer drain bags, japanese knot bag and lined travel bag to complete.  It is always good to have things lined up ready to sew, right?

Happy sewing

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not Motivated

Do you ever have one of those days, everything is ready for you to "craft" but you are not in the mood.  The housework is done, a big batch of chicken soup bubbling in the slow cooker, a dull overcast day all pointing to available time in the craft studio, however I am "flat"!

I have pink ribbon card holder key rings, all cut out ready to sew

Fabric cut out ready for a lined travel bag

While I had the patchwork themed fabric out, I also cut out another Japanese Knot Bag and Breast Cancer Drain bag.

Everything is cut out, ready, I just need to sit at the sewing machine!  Oh well, maybe after lunch, I will find my mojo and get started

During the week I did get some more soap sweaters finished.  My sister found some Panda Feltable Wool at Spotlight and send half a dozen balls to me ... the wool is nice and soft and Australian! Ideal for the soap sweaters.

What gets you motivated?  Do you ever want to craft but are just "not in the mood"?  (Like Me)


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Japanese Knot Bag

This little bag has intrigued me for awhile now.

 I first saw it posted here.  I left a comment on this blog that I would love a tutorial to make the bag.  FarahLin kindly sent me the name of the magazine that had the pattern, however I was unable to purchase it in Australia.  Then, bloggers being the kindhearted people that they are, she kindly scanned the pattern and emailed it to me ... THANK YOU FarahLin

I had a little bit of difficulty with the pattern instructions, and had to use my unpick, but once the pattern was deciphered, it was very easy to put together.

It is quite roomy inside, and the idea is to pull the larger handle through the smaller handle to close it.

I think they will make great gifts, and I want to make one in Christmas Fabric (as a gift bag) and another in "elegant" fabrics for evening.  They are large enough to pop your wallet, mobile phone, keys etc in, and the good part is that you can pop them in the washing machine to clean.  The pattern was available in  three different sizes, and this is the smallest size.

I really needed some-one to model this bag, so you could see how cute it really is ... it does not look quite the same just sitting on display.  I may be able to find a model for my next one (or two)

Hope you have had a crafting day

Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Ready

I have not had the opportunity to get into the craft studio much this week, but with a long weekend in Australia, I managed to sneak a few hours yesterday.

I got started on my "Pink Ribbon" thank you gifts - I need to make approx. 50 items, and I finished 20 card holder key rings yesterday.  Great sense of achievement.

I still have another two different pink ribbon fabrics, so will be cutting more out soon.

While I was going, I made a couple in "coffee" fabric.  One for myself (with a emery board cover) and one as a gift.  I am finding that these have become my "go to" quick handmade gift.

I must be getting organised, not only am I getting the Pink Ribbon gifts ready (due October) but I have started looking at Christmas patterns, scary!


Saturday, June 02, 2012

iPad Pillow

Yes, I made time to make this iPad pillow today.  I have been wanting to make something similar for a long time, so that I can rest my iPad on something while I read, and browse the web.

However, I was disappointed with the end result.  It seemed too "chunky".  Not sure of the right word to use, but it was not what I imagined.  It does seem to do the job, but then I think a under filled cushion would have worked also.  It may have even been the fabric choice, I am not sure?

Photo showing the front without the iPad.

Now the side view

This may be one of those projects that you pull apart and start again.  I followed the instructions from Janet At All Trades.  It had a few gaps in the instructions, but if you can sew, you can work it out.  Willing to offer advice to anyone that has difficulty with this project. 

I think I will stick with knitting dishcloths and soap sweaters for a while now.  I received my wool and cotton from Bendigo Woolen Mills and want to start using them.


Friday, June 01, 2012

Fabric Origami Bag

Last night I had a chance to whip up the Fabric Origami Bag that has been on my list of things to make.

This bag has a number of little pockets in the front that you can fill with goodies.
I followed the tutorial from here.  I found the site slow to load due to the number of photos in the tutorial, however it was very easy to follow. I think the only omission I found was that it did not mention the fact that you must leave a gap to turn the fabric right side out in the first step.

See how this flap lifts up, you could hide a special  gift in here?

It is quite roomy in the interior

Filled with some handmade items,  tissue cover, emery board cover & card holder keyring

Maybe fill it with sewing items for a gift ... See that Folded Christmas Tree pattern, another on my list of many things to make!

This bag can be made any size, it just depends on the size of your fabric.

I hope to be able to find time over the weekend, to make the iPad pillow, although the Flood Damage repairs have started at my Mothers house, so I have taken over the cooking duties as well as providing bathroom access.  Her entire kitchen & bathroom have been gutted, walls, floors removed.  I cannot convince her to move in with me for the duration, and for a lady of her age she is handling the disruption very well.  They estimate two weeks to have the bathroom back in use, ouch!

Enjoy your weekend