Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lip Balm Holders - Testing

I have been playing, trying to make a "usable" lip balm holder.  Something that I can attach to my bag or keyring so that I am not always trying to find it down in the bottom of my bag
It took three attempts to get something that I was satisfied with ...
No 1:  Both the keyring and the strap was too wide for the holder, also the holder was a little snug
No 2:  Keyring better size, however strap was too long.  Also holder a little long
No 3:  This is nearly right - everything looks in proportion
I will make a few more and put them in my gift box - if anyone wants a tutorial for making these, just leave a comment, and I will take step by step photos when I make the next one.
I also completed one more breast cancer bag.  My co-ordinator stated that the hospital is slowing down on needing the bags (isn't that fantastic news), so we can slow down on the production line.  I will still continue to make them, as it is a great cause, and when I want to sew, I can just pick up one of these to make.
The fabric in this bag was purchased from the furnishing section of Spotlight.  I bought 1/2 metre and it is enough to make the outside of two bags ... I love it

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pocket Warmers

Now that the cooler weather is coming, I thought I would make some pocket warmers - these would be great heated and then tucked into your pockets before venturing out in the cold!

I used the same principle for these pocket warmers, with a removable cover, as the tutorial from Selina Quilts (see the original post here) for her rice-filled heat packs.

I had some fabric left over from making the bags, so I made a matching set of pocket warmers



For anyone wanting to make some of these pocket warmers, here are the measurements to make one pocket warmer:

Outer cover:
Cut fabric 10" x 4" - sew double 1/4" hem on each of the 4" sides, fold up one end approx 2-1/2", then fold the other end over, overlapping approx 1/2" - length of closed bag should be approx 3-3/4"

Inner bag:
Cut calico 7" x 4",  fold 7" length in half and then sew down both 4" sides - turn right side out, fill with approx 4 spoons of rice (I used a dessert-spoon) then sew the opening closed.

Pop  the rice filled bag into the outer cover

 Then the last thing you have to do, to make this a lovely gift, is to wrap two warmers in ribbon and print out a tag with the instructions.  I printed the instructions on some lovely card-stock and then used my tag punch to punch it out - I think this was just enough.

The "Gift For You" ribbon used on the pocket warmers, is available in store - click here for details

Until next time

Thursday, April 25, 2013

ANZAC Day - Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget. 
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old; Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We will remember them.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Zippered Pouch

I do not know if I have told you, however I am not confident when it comes to sewing in zippers!
While visiting my sister today in Albury, we decided to try and make a little pouch (with a zipper)

This little pouch was originally just a 6 1/2" square with 1/2" tapered from the top to the bottom, and then boxed at the bottom to give this nicely shaped pouched.

It was lined, however the battery in my camera went flat before I could get a photo of the pouch opened so that I could show you the lining.

It was very quick to make, and the zipper, although not perfect, was not too bad!

With the swivel hoop attached, it could be used for a number of purposes... while out walking clipped to your belt, inside your handbag for easy access

What would you use it for?  I think I may make another one, a little larger for my toiletries

The next photo is of the one my sister made, in the background.  Luckily she went first, and I could learn from her mistakes (remember to leave zipper open, so you can turn it right side out, he he), and / or work out a easier way of making it. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Santa with Naughty or Nice List

This is the Santa I forgot to show you in February. 

I used the same pattern as I used for the Ho Ho Ho Santa -  a chopstick looks like a realistic pen for Santa for his Naughty or Nice list.
This list includes all the names of my nieces and nephews - maybe I should tick off the naughty or nice ones?  They are all NICE (of course)!
 Do you like the little plait in his beard, I think this is a novel idea, tied off with a little piece of red and white bakers twine.  His eyebrows are just a couple of pieces of wool bumps, very bushy

I think I have caught up with everything that I promised, however do not hesitate to let me know if I have missed anything.

Back to making Breast Cancer Bags, a new month, another 6 bags required ...

Take care

Monday, April 15, 2013

Handmade Gift Sets

I think these little sets would make a great gift, and I love making them.

1.  Fresh lime green wallet, emery board with cover, and top opening tissue cover

2.  Blue and brown (love those colours together) wallet, card holder keyring and emery board with cover
3. Paisley print wallet, cardholder keyring and emery board with cover

4. Bright floral card holder keyring and emery board cover

5. Another bright floral cardholder keyring with emery board cover

Not sure if I will make these available in the online store for sale, may just keep them for the next Farmers Market, or even in my box for gifts.
Reading back, I just realised I did not upload a photo of the last Santa I made as promised in February.  Will do that shortly
Until next time

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Small gifts - Bookmarks

I have been busy - I was making some small gifts to sell at a Farmers Market in Narrandera last weekend, however other commitments kept me I am going to upload these bookmarks onto my online store.

I love how these clip bookmarks turned out, bright beautiful flowers. I think I made about a dozen of these ones.  This is a closeup of one of the bookmarks. 
Continuing with the bookmark theme, I made lots more Elastic Bookmarks.  I must admit this is my favourite type of bookmark to use personally.  It does not slip out, is great if you read outside on windy days, it will hold your pages down ...  all in all, a great bookmark
Lots of different charms were used for these bookmarks.  This bird in a branch one would be a great gift for either a male or female... so rustic
I did make more little wallet, card holder keyring and emery board covers - sometimes in the same fabric so that they could be sold as sets.  I will take photos and show you later, as they turned out really well.
The online store has been updated with lots of new products:
The latest Amy Bradley Design quilt patterns - the two latest ones, Princess and "Meet The Tweets" are simply gorgeous - both use the fusible applique technique.
2013 release "Dress It Up" buttons - lots of new sew thru buttons, which are great to sew onto our quilts.  It used to be hard to find these buttons but now they are becoming more available in a variety of themes.
If you check out the "New Items" section in the online store, you will understand why I have not been updating my blog.... lots of new products to be priced and loaded.
Bye for now