Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Thomas's 2nd Birthday photos

Well at long last I have received Thomas's birthday photos, Ann will be happy that the site has been updated!

This must be a new present, it looks like he is really enjoying it, they have room for a "real" one, maybe that is on the agenda for the future?

Blowing out the birthday candles, lovely chocolate cake, I know because I saw the photo with it all over his face

New up to date photo of the entire Tumut family, although you cannot see much of Matilda

A couple of more photos from the

Christmas countdown is upon us, and everyone is starting to panic (or is it only me?). I know some family members have already finished ...... I have started sorting, does this count?
Anyway, no fuss .... if you have a christmas present wish, please email me and I can post it so that other family members can take the hint, and also stop panicking about what to buy.

November birthdays as promised:

Nov 1st - Ann
Nov 9th - Pam
Nov 10th - Renee - look out world, she gets her P plates
Nov 13th - John
Nov 14th - Dylan
Nov 25th - Donna
Please forgive me if I have forgotten anyone.. till next time, Bye

Thursday, October 12, 2006


I had another birthday on Sunday, and no I am not telling you how old. I was certainly spoilt in the presents department though, and they were all gratefully received. I had a lovely day, and caught up with most of the family.

Today is Thomas's birthday, he is turning two (2) - HAPPY BIRTHDAY THOMAS
Janet has taken the presents across to Tumut, so hopefully we may have a photo to upload tomorrow.

As requested by some family members, I will be putting reminders of birthdays on the blog - November is a big one for birthdays, I am guessing about 6 - 7.

I had better check before I post dates, just in case I miss someone out.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

80th birthday party

Mum's birthday was a good day, lovely and sunny, with lots of party activities. Olivia and Janet were the party co-ordinators. Balloons, fairy bread, cake, party hats etc
I think Mum would be the only 80 year old that had a Barbie candle on her cake

She received lots of flowers - even John sent some!

Lastly a photo of Mum with Matilda