Sunday, July 15, 2012


My Mum passed away suddenly last week.  I am not coping real well, so will be back soon.

is the one who has shown us the way,
who's nurtured and guided us day after day...

is the one who is there by our side
with loving support and a heart full of pride...

is the one who forever will be
so needed and loved by her whole family.

Love you Mum

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Busy weeks

Sorry, no craft to show, but I have been busy in other areas.
Very successful trade table last weekend at Barellan, thank you.
My Mum now has carpet in the bedrooms, a working kitchen & bathroom, however she has since fallen ill.  Hopefully it is only a passing virus and a couple of days in bed, will be the cure?

I was reading through posie patchwork blog about charity quilts and laundry bags for our soldiers, and thought "what a great idea"!  If you are interested check out this link

Until next time