Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Australia Day Crafting

I have used the Australia Day celebration as the theme for our crafts.

First up - a Australian Themed Fabric Box

The buttons used are available in store - Australia Destinations pack from Dress it Up.

Next - we painted a wooden Australia Mobile which consisted of a map of Australia, 2 x koalas and 2 x kangaroos.  This is what it looked like before we begun.

It was hard to take a photo of the finished item, as it kept on blowing in the wind.

Next, and my favourite, was a Cockatoo tin, this can be used to hold your pens & pencils, or scissors or just about anything.  We did not have any white feathers, and for one tin (RHS) we cut a set of Angel Feather wings in half.  My little cockatoo on the left, only has his little gold wings.

The instructions for making these really cute tins can be found here 

Lastly using a toilet roll and free printable we made this koala.  Super easy, check out the site as there are a lot of animals and characters you can use to decorate your toilet paper roll.

Nearly forgot - we also made a couple of gumnut  babies. 

A very creative afternoon, which resulted in one very tired Auntie.  

Have a good week

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What a Week This Has Been ....

Fires, Tree Branches Falling, Sickness, Unexpected Travel, Flat Tyre, that is ENOUGH!
Till next week

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Australia Day Challenge - 3

For the third week of my Australia Day challenge, I have three little repurposed ideas for you.

1.  Convert a wristband into a Cup Cosy - this is the ideal size to slip over a cup.  Enjoy a cup of Aussie tea with your own Aussie Green and Gold Cup.

2. Using a paper napkin, convert a empty tin into a flower container.  These beautiful gum blossoms are from my sister Sue's garden.  Using just the top layer of the paper napkin, modpodge it to the tin.  Once dry, place another layer of modpodge on top.
3.  Convert Australia Flag Luggage Tags into serviette place holders.  Take out the name and address card from the back of the tags and replace with a photo.  I removed the plastic ties and replaced them with red ribbon to wrap them around the serviettes.  I love the look of these.
The photo shows both the front and back of the luggage tags.
These would also make great gift tags.
Just as a little extra - I wrapped some mini Hershey Bar chocolates with Aussie themed graphics. 
My last challenge, a good friend Sonia, dropped of this piece of fabric this afternoon and asked what I could do with it?  Any suggestions?  It is not a cotton fabric, and measures approx. 48cm x 35cm.
All I can think of is to make a cushion cover or a placemat.  I do not want to cut into it, as I think you would lose the detail.
Close-up of gum blossoms to finish post
Still waiting for the cooler weather to get here, stay safe AND cool

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Desperate Measures

After a trip into town this morning, I was told that the new remote for the air conditioner in the craft studio is at least a week away, it has not even left the factory in Adelaide!  Aghhhhhhh.....

As I also use the craft studio to pack the orders for my online store, this is getting to be quite a nuisance, therefore I made a little purchase today.

Remember those old-fashioned water filled coolers?  This one works on the same principle, takes about 13 litres of water to fill, fingers crossed it will do the job.
I have some tasks that I can complete in the house, where the evaporative air conditioner is working.
A big box of supplies for the online store to package, price and put away.
I will start on this, today, while watching a movie or the tennis. It's a hard life!
I also received my order for fold over elastic to make some hair ties as gifts. The colours are just so pretty.
These are very simple to make, and I will be able to make them in front of the TV.  Not much else you can do on these really hot days.  Although the linen cupboard does need a cleanout and tidy-up!
Until next time, keep cool

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just a Giggle

We are experiencing a heatwave with temperatures over 40 degrees for the entire week.  I found this little sign which made me giggle, knowing how hot it is outside

I do not think they were talking about the temperature, but it seemed appropriate


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Australia Day Challenge - 2

For the second week of my Australia Day Challenge - see here - I have repurposed two plastic tablecloths into a sun shade.

Materials needed:
Hoola Hoop
I found these little clips at a local discount store - they were ideal as they could slip onto the hoola hoop and clip onto the top of the tablecloth
Plastic tablecloths
Put them all together, hang under a tree, throw down a quilt, rug, blanket and you have a lovely place to laze protected from the sun.   Brandy did not waste any time, trying out the new space.
Until next time

Monday, January 06, 2014

Australia Day Challenge

I have set myself an Australia Day challenge

I am going to try and "repurpose" an Australia Day item into something other than what it was intended each week until Australia Day on January 26th.  That means I have set myself three challenges.
Just to show what I am talking about - I have converted two Aussie Silicon Wristbands into useful key chains ...
Now please take into consideration this was my first attempt, or I should say the keychain on the top was the first attempt and the Brad was not centred very well in the wristband.
All that was needed for the repurpose was to punch a hole through both layers of the wristband, insert a Brad and bend the ends of the Brad around the wristband to secure.  Thread your key ring on through the end loop, and you have now successfully repurposed your silicon wristband into a key chain. These key chains can easily be found in the bottom of your bag, or wherever you have left them. 
The silicon wristbands were purchased from "The Reject Shop" in Australia - pack of 2 - $2.00
If anyone else would like to take this challenge I would love to hear from you and see what you create.
Note: The little kangaroo with a joey in his pouch, is a "Teddy & Friends" soft toy.  What I really love about him is that he also has a little billy can and swag, which is very Australian.
Until next time

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Productive Morning

Yes, I have had a very productive morning, but unfortunately not in the craft room.  Due to the Galahs nesting and feeding in the gum tree outside my bedroom window, I was awake early. 
For my overseas visitors a Galah (pronounced ga-lah) is a pink and grey coloured cockatoo found in most areas of Australia.  They travel in flocks in their hundreds and are very noisy.

Photo property of Australian Bird Image Database
So - I have completed the washing, swept and washed the floors, cleaned the bathroom, washed the car, washed the dog (Brandy), weeded the garden, completed the grocery shopping, all before 1 pm.  All that is left to do is the ironing, however this little sign that a friend gave me, explains it all.

I detest ironing, I procrastinate so much, that I would have it finished if I just get in and do it!  But I do not like it... hence the sign.

I would like to spend the afternoon in the craft room, but the air conditioner is not working, and it is too hot to stay in there until later in the evening, so I may have to put my feet up and watch a movie or read a book, how hard will that be?

I am making the most of the last weekend before I go back to work on Monday - the holiday two week break has passed by very quickly.

Enjoy your weekend

Friday, January 03, 2014

More Fabric Boxes

My sister Sue came over for a sewing night, last night.  She wanted to make some of the Fabric Boxes.  She completely finished 1 and had another 2 completed to the sew on the buttons stage.  I loved the colours of her fabric.

This is what the box looks like before folding down the corners.  Looks a little like a crown or a noodle box (?)
The next photo is of my sister, concentrating hard on her hand sewing.  She is going to kill chastise me for putting this photo up, but it is all good fun.
I was supposed to be sewing, but could not settle on anything.  I tried to work out how to cut triangles using the 60 degree line on my quilters ruler, and it was not working.  The more I tried to figure it out, the more frustrated I become ... this morning, it worked like a charm.. Just goes to show what a good nights sleep does for your concentration.
Until next time

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Fabric Boxes

I wanted a quick and easy craft that could use up scrap fabric (which I have a lot of!).  I remembered this tutorial from Seaside Stitches that I had pinned before Christmas but did not get around to investigating further. 

Fabric boxes, quick, easy, practical and uses up very little fabric.  Just 2 x 10" squares and the same size of batting is all that is required.  The ideal project.
They are quite sturdy and would be great as a gift box, you could fill them with chocolates, nuts, sewing gifts, small toys, anything .....
Closeups of each of the boxes
All three boxes were made in just under 2 hours.  The longest part was sewing down the flaps inside, and sewing on the buttons.  I think a few of these in the gift box would come in very handy.
I have a list of little projects that need to be finished off in the near future.  Some items that have been promised to family members, but not yet made. 
1.  Card Holder Key Ring (Ann & Janet)
2.  Aussie Sunglasses Case (Sue)
3.  Fabric Door Stop (Renee)
Our next major holiday is "Australia Day" on January 26th, so I will have to create something for that, any ideas?   Maybe one of these little boxes in Australiana print, filled with Vegemite and Tim Tams (Yum)