Saturday, January 04, 2014

Productive Morning

Yes, I have had a very productive morning, but unfortunately not in the craft room.  Due to the Galahs nesting and feeding in the gum tree outside my bedroom window, I was awake early. 
For my overseas visitors a Galah (pronounced ga-lah) is a pink and grey coloured cockatoo found in most areas of Australia.  They travel in flocks in their hundreds and are very noisy.

Photo property of Australian Bird Image Database
So - I have completed the washing, swept and washed the floors, cleaned the bathroom, washed the car, washed the dog (Brandy), weeded the garden, completed the grocery shopping, all before 1 pm.  All that is left to do is the ironing, however this little sign that a friend gave me, explains it all.

I detest ironing, I procrastinate so much, that I would have it finished if I just get in and do it!  But I do not like it... hence the sign.

I would like to spend the afternoon in the craft room, but the air conditioner is not working, and it is too hot to stay in there until later in the evening, so I may have to put my feet up and watch a movie or read a book, how hard will that be?

I am making the most of the last weekend before I go back to work on Monday - the holiday two week break has passed by very quickly.

Enjoy your weekend

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