Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Desperate Measures

After a trip into town this morning, I was told that the new remote for the air conditioner in the craft studio is at least a week away, it has not even left the factory in Adelaide!  Aghhhhhhh.....

As I also use the craft studio to pack the orders for my online store, this is getting to be quite a nuisance, therefore I made a little purchase today.

Remember those old-fashioned water filled coolers?  This one works on the same principle, takes about 13 litres of water to fill, fingers crossed it will do the job.
I have some tasks that I can complete in the house, where the evaporative air conditioner is working.
A big box of supplies for the online store to package, price and put away.
I will start on this, today, while watching a movie or the tennis. It's a hard life!
I also received my order for fold over elastic to make some hair ties as gifts. The colours are just so pretty.
These are very simple to make, and I will be able to make them in front of the TV.  Not much else you can do on these really hot days.  Although the linen cupboard does need a cleanout and tidy-up!
Until next time, keep cool

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