Thursday, January 02, 2014

Fabric Boxes

I wanted a quick and easy craft that could use up scrap fabric (which I have a lot of!).  I remembered this tutorial from Seaside Stitches that I had pinned before Christmas but did not get around to investigating further. 

Fabric boxes, quick, easy, practical and uses up very little fabric.  Just 2 x 10" squares and the same size of batting is all that is required.  The ideal project.
They are quite sturdy and would be great as a gift box, you could fill them with chocolates, nuts, sewing gifts, small toys, anything .....
Closeups of each of the boxes
All three boxes were made in just under 2 hours.  The longest part was sewing down the flaps inside, and sewing on the buttons.  I think a few of these in the gift box would come in very handy.
I have a list of little projects that need to be finished off in the near future.  Some items that have been promised to family members, but not yet made. 
1.  Card Holder Key Ring (Ann & Janet)
2.  Aussie Sunglasses Case (Sue)
3.  Fabric Door Stop (Renee)
Our next major holiday is "Australia Day" on January 26th, so I will have to create something for that, any ideas?   Maybe one of these little boxes in Australiana print, filled with Vegemite and Tim Tams (Yum)


  1. They are great Judy, might have to have a go at those.


  2. Cute little boxes, can't go wrong with Tim Tams I say!

  3. These look great

  4. That is neat... Thank you....
    Cath Ü