Monday, January 06, 2014

Australia Day Challenge

I have set myself an Australia Day challenge

I am going to try and "repurpose" an Australia Day item into something other than what it was intended each week until Australia Day on January 26th.  That means I have set myself three challenges.
Just to show what I am talking about - I have converted two Aussie Silicon Wristbands into useful key chains ...
Now please take into consideration this was my first attempt, or I should say the keychain on the top was the first attempt and the Brad was not centred very well in the wristband.
All that was needed for the repurpose was to punch a hole through both layers of the wristband, insert a Brad and bend the ends of the Brad around the wristband to secure.  Thread your key ring on through the end loop, and you have now successfully repurposed your silicon wristband into a key chain. These key chains can easily be found in the bottom of your bag, or wherever you have left them. 
The silicon wristbands were purchased from "The Reject Shop" in Australia - pack of 2 - $2.00
If anyone else would like to take this challenge I would love to hear from you and see what you create.
Note: The little kangaroo with a joey in his pouch, is a "Teddy & Friends" soft toy.  What I really love about him is that he also has a little billy can and swag, which is very Australian.
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  1. What a great idea. Will have to make one for when I go walking or the gym. Always wearing something without pockets!! This will slip over the wrist problem solved no sweat easily cleaned. Thanks