Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Better ...

The pink ribbon bookmarks look much better now that they are presented on white tags.  The bakers twine idea did not work, however my snowflake Japanese Masking Tape did the trick.

Do you think they look better now?


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Small steps

I am taking small steps this week.  I have:

1. Updated my online store with new buttons
2. Printed out some pink ribbon graphics onto Magnetic Paper for little fridge magnets.  I just need to cut them out.  This is very easy with just a pair of paper scissors
3. Finished the pink ribbon bookmarks
4. Finished one more fabric bon bon, however I have another two cut out

Magnets waiting to be cut out


I think I will change the business cards to just white tags, with pink & white bakers twine ... will change that this evening and post another photo tomorrow 


Monday, August 29, 2011

Organised Chaos

I have a busy week planned, with no new craft projects scheduled.  Only four weeks until I have to have all the Pink Ribbon table gifts completed.  Still 10 fabric Bon Bons to sew, and I have started experimenting/putting together the little gifts to place inside the bon bon.  Still needs some work, however a start is good!

The mess ...

Trial run of bon bon gifts, it still needs something, not sure exactly what at the moment?  I have some pink ribbon charms on their way from the USA and I am also going to make some pink ribbon paperclip bookmarks with buttons that are available in store.  Most the the graphics used for the little gifts were either purchased or available free online.

I also received a shipment of buttons from the USA with new Christmas 2011 packs.  These need to be uploaded to the store soon, to enable my customers to start on their Christmas projects.  I found it interesting that the majority of the new packs have pastel themes.  I am a traditional girl(?) when it comes to Christmas, love the reds and greens.

Click to enlarge the photo

Love the new pack of candy cane buttons (bottom row) - one pack of those will be staying with me, he he

Keep your fingers crossed, that I have a productive week, and that I can complete the pink ribbons gifts.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tissue Covers with a Difference

I have started to combine the printing on fabric crafts with little gifts.  The Internet has provided so many free scrapbook phrases that I thought it would be good to use these in some way.

Therefore I printed some phrases onto fabric and incorporated them into the little tissue covers.  Now you have something practical as well as being motivated / reminded every time you use it.  This is just the start of another venture for me ..

Two little tissue covers, showing the front

Now the back, with printed phrases

Group photo, showing two others made with Christmas fabric


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snowman Mania

I do not know why, when the sun is shining that I seem to be obsessed with snowmen.  I love the simplicity of them, their nice clean lines.

The following tags were made from old business cards, with blue paper glued to the front, and the edges dusted with sparkly snow flurries.  Three white buttons form the snowman, a little scrap of black felt for his hat, and bakers twine for his scarf. 

Now I need your help before I make more, do you like the tag with twigs arms drawn or not?

Next I used some paper tags with aluminium rims to paint some snowman faces.  I really liked how these ones turned out

Last, but not least, I have been using snowman buttons on jumbo paperclips for bookmarks.  Really sweet!

Do you ever get a craze on one thing, and it takes over your creativity for awhile?


Friday, August 26, 2011

Standing Santa and Mrs Claus

Even though my friend Colleen has returned home, these are her creations.  Mr and Mrs Claus, they are free standing with wooden legs and feet.

Closeup of their faces

Mr Claus with his wooden toy, and "big"  belly.  I love his coat!

Mrs Claus with her lacy apron, check out her bonnet!

They are such a cute couple and have found a home with my sister.  I had better make a set for myself!

Have you started on your Christmas sewing yet?  What are you making?


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick and Easy Ornies

These Christmas ornaments (ornies) are very quick and easy.  They are not stuffed or wadded (is there such a word?), just two pieces of fabric sewn together.  They will look lovely on the Christmas tree or used as a tag on a gift.  You can decorate any way you like.  I love to use the many gorgeous Christmas buttons that are available ...

The beards are made from bumpy wool, with the actual bumps creating the beard length.  Each ornie has a jingle bell on the tip of his hat.  They are sewn in one piece, turned through and decorated.  Very easy.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New cotton accessory discovered

I am always on the lookout for new ways to store my crafting supplies.  I use perle cotton rather than DMC embroidery thread when stitching faces on my dolls, santas, snowmen etc.

I discovered these new Perle Cotton Bubbles - they allow the cotton to sit in the bubble which has a hole drilled in the clear top for the thread to travel through.   This keeps the cotton clean and safe while I use it, as well as keeping all my balls of cotton from becoming tangled up.

These are available in store for $1.50 each

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Christmas is flying by

Even though I am talking about the new Christmas projects that I have completed, this could also mean "How Fast Christmas is Approaching".  I am glad I have had this last week to get a start on my Christmas handmade items for the store.

Three more projects completed today.

A gorgeous blue snowman, holding a battery operated tea light.  I have put some wire in his hat before stuffing and this allows him to be hung just about anywhere.  Put him on your door knob, hang him on a hook, off your curtain rail, just about anywhere

Using the same technique / pattern, two Santas. 

One holding a pipberry and greenery spray with a rusty star.  His beard is made from a piece of fake fur.

The next Santa has a piece of greenery threaded through his hands with Christmas lights dangling down.  This is a little hard to see, because of the garden in the background.

My friend has now gone back to Townsville, so unfortunately I will not be spending every day in the studio, but I hope to have some gingerbread men to share with you soon.They are next on my list of things to make


Monday, August 22, 2011

Santa with Snowmen

This Santa is in the lovely traditional colours of burgundy and green (my favourite). He has his arms full with two snowmen made from warm & natural.  I love how this fabric gives the snowmen a real fluffy look. In his other arm, is a bunch of greenery and pipberry sprays.  Please ignore the garden hose in the background of the photo, I should of moved it!  He is hanging in a lovely native tea tree in my garden, and as soon as Spring arrives this tree will be full of wonderful small pink flowers.  Not long to wait now?

Closeup of Santa's face.  Look at the rakish tilt to the little snowman's hat!

Closeup of snowmen


Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Santa - Finished

Another Santa has been finished.  This one has a boxed body which allows him to sit very well.  He has "huge" sleeves that wrap around a Christmas tree as well as a reindeer.  I mentioned in yesterday's post how easy these reindeers were to make, therefore I had to be sure and make another one, he he.

Both the tree and reindeer have been glued to Santa, to ensure that they stay together as a group. 

A closeup of Santa's face, showing black button eyes, and a lovely mohair beard.

Can you just see the reindeer, tucked under Santa's arm?

I AM having fun!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

To All A Goodnight

This is the name of a new pattern from The Olde Country Cupboard.  I had fun making it up today.  I stained a wooden crate that I had on hand to use as the bed.  Santa is sleeping soundly after reviewing his "nice" list.  One of his reindeers look on.  I have put a battery operated light at the base of the bed.  This can be turned on easily by twisting the top of the light.

The toy sack was stencilled with the word TOYS - this was the first time I used the stencil and I am delighted with the results.   The reindeer is freestanding, notice his cute stick legs, so he can be moved around.  Here he is looking at Santa from the base of the bed.

This photo is looking straight down on Santa, and you can see more detail on the reindeers face.

Only two more days before my friend Colleen goes home, and I will need to settle back into normal routine chores, eg NOT spending all my time in the studio.  It has been absolutely fantastic to get so many Christmas projects completed.  We are not finished yet, even though time is running out.

Hope you all have a great crafting weekend, no matter what the weather


Friday, August 19, 2011

Snowman Tree

My friend, Colleen from Colly's Christmas Crafts has designed a new Christmas tree decoration - Snowman Flakes.  These cute snowman ornaments have wire in their hats which enable them to be twisted around your tree branches.  Because I do not have my Christmas Tree up yet, I hung them in a tree in my garden.  They looked fantastic. 
All the cute snowflakes buttons can be purchased in store
These were quick and easy to make and the pattern will be available in my store, very soon. 

I will be putting these ones for sale in my store today


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Snowman Fun

My friend and I visited the local Salvo's store and picked up some lovely glass sweet dishes.  We had been browsing through a Tilda pattern book and thought that they would look lovely as a base/holder for some little snowmen.

We used a basic snowman shape in two different sizes, stuffed them, gave them black bead eyes, and sculpted clay noses.  Wrapped them up in flannel scarfs and then glued them into the dishes.  We added some small polystyrene balls, and some fake snow, then sprinkled them with spiced snow flurries.  We were thrilled with the results...these would look great in your snowman display or as a table decoration.

It is amazing what you can use in your crafts...

More snow crafts coming ....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Santa in Chimney - Two completed

Today I completed two Santa's In Chimneys - this is based on a Sweet Dreams pattern.  It is a little different from your normal Santa projects.  The brick chimney effect is created by using a small zigzag stitch over a thin cord.  It looks really realistic.  The Santa is just placed inside the chimney, so it is a stand alone piece if you wanted to use it separately.

These two items will be part of a workshop that I will be teaching in our local area later in the year.  Simple enough for all levels of expertise.

As you can see from the above two photos, you can personalise the finished item, and make each one look different from the other.

Tomorrow we will be making snowmen. I love snowmen, even though it is not relevant to our Summer Christmases, I still like having a display.

Have you started your Christmas craft yet?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Finish - Reindeer

This reindeer has been adapted from a Tilda pattern.  Made from caramel felt and sitting nicely on a white rocker.
The reins are red cord and the Christmas bauble is from "Up In Annie's Room" and available in store.

He is available in store - $15.00 + postage

Hope you are having a great day

Monday, August 15, 2011

Santa's with Dangling Legs

I have had these two Santa bodies half finished for over 9 months, with a little free time, they have been completed.  The original pattern had been "put away" therefore a modified version was created.  The little doll shoes have been weighted, so that they dangle nicely over the edge of a bench or shelf.  What do you think of their string/jute legs? Each Santa is holding a toy ready to give to the children.  They measure 24cm seating, and approx 50 cm in total height

Next on my list was a felt reindeer, he has black cross stitches across the back of his body, and a hand sculpted nose,  Rusty jingle bells are on his stick antlers, and can you see the little red cardinal bird perched on the tip of his antler?  A big tartan bow around his neck completes him

It is great to start on my Christmas sewing, and having a friend in the studio with me is the best motivation

I wonder what we will play with tomorrow