Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Santa in Chimney - Two completed

Today I completed two Santa's In Chimneys - this is based on a Sweet Dreams pattern.  It is a little different from your normal Santa projects.  The brick chimney effect is created by using a small zigzag stitch over a thin cord.  It looks really realistic.  The Santa is just placed inside the chimney, so it is a stand alone piece if you wanted to use it separately.

These two items will be part of a workshop that I will be teaching in our local area later in the year.  Simple enough for all levels of expertise.

As you can see from the above two photos, you can personalise the finished item, and make each one look different from the other.

Tomorrow we will be making snowmen. I love snowmen, even though it is not relevant to our Summer Christmases, I still like having a display.

Have you started your Christmas craft yet?

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