Monday, August 29, 2011

Organised Chaos

I have a busy week planned, with no new craft projects scheduled.  Only four weeks until I have to have all the Pink Ribbon table gifts completed.  Still 10 fabric Bon Bons to sew, and I have started experimenting/putting together the little gifts to place inside the bon bon.  Still needs some work, however a start is good!

The mess ...

Trial run of bon bon gifts, it still needs something, not sure exactly what at the moment?  I have some pink ribbon charms on their way from the USA and I am also going to make some pink ribbon paperclip bookmarks with buttons that are available in store.  Most the the graphics used for the little gifts were either purchased or available free online.

I also received a shipment of buttons from the USA with new Christmas 2011 packs.  These need to be uploaded to the store soon, to enable my customers to start on their Christmas projects.  I found it interesting that the majority of the new packs have pastel themes.  I am a traditional girl(?) when it comes to Christmas, love the reds and greens.

Click to enlarge the photo

Love the new pack of candy cane buttons (bottom row) - one pack of those will be staying with me, he he

Keep your fingers crossed, that I have a productive week, and that I can complete the pink ribbons gifts.


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