Saturday, June 02, 2012

iPad Pillow

Yes, I made time to make this iPad pillow today.  I have been wanting to make something similar for a long time, so that I can rest my iPad on something while I read, and browse the web.

However, I was disappointed with the end result.  It seemed too "chunky".  Not sure of the right word to use, but it was not what I imagined.  It does seem to do the job, but then I think a under filled cushion would have worked also.  It may have even been the fabric choice, I am not sure?

Photo showing the front without the iPad.

Now the side view

This may be one of those projects that you pull apart and start again.  I followed the instructions from Janet At All Trades.  It had a few gaps in the instructions, but if you can sew, you can work it out.  Willing to offer advice to anyone that has difficulty with this project. 

I think I will stick with knitting dishcloths and soap sweaters for a while now.  I received my wool and cotton from Bendigo Woolen Mills and want to start using them.



  1. You have been a very busy gal this week. I was gone for 3 days and came back to lots of postings from you. I tried the Ipad pillow but for a phone so it was much smaller and I didnt like it. Then I tried it for MJ's tablet and it didn't do it for me either. I went out and purchased a hard cover for his tablet instead.

    I love the origami bag. I checked out the tutorial ( thanks for supplying it's link) and it looks like a fun gift bag to try.

    Congrats on meeting your goal with the cancer bags.

    Take care Selina

  2. Thanks for trying my pillow and sorry it did not work for you and that I left some gaps in my instructions.

  3. Janet. Thank you for sharing your pattern/tutorial with us. I just found it a little bulky for what I needed.