Friday, June 01, 2012

Fabric Origami Bag

Last night I had a chance to whip up the Fabric Origami Bag that has been on my list of things to make.

This bag has a number of little pockets in the front that you can fill with goodies.
I followed the tutorial from here.  I found the site slow to load due to the number of photos in the tutorial, however it was very easy to follow. I think the only omission I found was that it did not mention the fact that you must leave a gap to turn the fabric right side out in the first step.

See how this flap lifts up, you could hide a special  gift in here?

It is quite roomy in the interior

Filled with some handmade items,  tissue cover, emery board cover & card holder keyring

Maybe fill it with sewing items for a gift ... See that Folded Christmas Tree pattern, another on my list of many things to make!

This bag can be made any size, it just depends on the size of your fabric.

I hope to be able to find time over the weekend, to make the iPad pillow, although the Flood Damage repairs have started at my Mothers house, so I have taken over the cooking duties as well as providing bathroom access.  Her entire kitchen & bathroom have been gutted, walls, floors removed.  I cannot convince her to move in with me for the duration, and for a lady of her age she is handling the disruption very well.  They estimate two weeks to have the bathroom back in use, ouch!

Enjoy your weekend

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