Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Hooked

After reading a lot of my favourite blogs I have discovered the Tilda range of books which feature Tone Finnanger's designs .  Add to that the discovery of the Book Depository in the UK which ships to Australia FREE, I am in heaven (and in debt)  - they really do have a great range of books! 
I received my first order last week, and it only took 11 days from date of order until it was delivered to me  in regional NSW - how fantastic is that?

This is one of her first books and it is filled with some wonderful Christmas projects.  I especially love the idea of the "wall bags" - a great alternative to the traditional Christmas stocking.

I have to admit that I did pre-order two of her new books, and cannot wait for them to be published and in the post to me, but in the interim I did go back to the Book Depository store and ordered a couple more of her books for Christmas gifts.  I wonder if this is can be counted in the "handmade" gifts category?

Moving on - does anyone else loose items in their craft room, or are you all terribly organised and everything has a place?  I have a habit of buying supplies and then putting them somewhere (logical) for ease of access.  Unfortunately it may be many months until I need to use it, and then the "logical" place has gone into hiding.  I try and sort supplies into groupings, but because I work on a great variety of projects, it can sometimes get overwhelming (and I must admit I am a bower bird).  I have (wasted) spent a couple of hours this evening searching for my container which holds my zips, I was planning to sew some little budget envelopes.  I had chosen  the fabric and lining, and then when I went looking for the zips, they were no-where to be found, frustrating is the mildest work I can think of to use. 

Therefore no sewing this evening, and a shopping trip planned for tomorrow - I suppose that will not be too bad.
Till then


  1. Yes Judy the Book Depository is just the postage means we can buy more! the book you purchased is a fabulous one for Christmas Crafting. Looks like you didn't get to do any Early Birds Personal Gifts for August...hope September brings forth something cute!

  2. Thanks Judith - no unfortunately no craft for august - but have started for September and I have the teatowels ready to make your bag ....