Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Goodie Bags

The orange tic tacs were transformed into Halloween Treats just by covering them in black card stock

I used the same measurements for the cover as used previously (see here)  tied off on the side with some Halloween coloured ribbon, added a free printable graphic... all done

I am loving what can be done with decorating a packet of tic- tacs, I am already brainstorming how I can use them for Christmas gifts.

All that was needed for the next lot of little Halloween treats was to print out some mint books ...these were free downloads from Pattywraps.

The Creepy Crawly mint book was filled with a little packet of maltesers, and the witches leg mint book was filled with a small packet of M&M's.  I think the children will like these treats.
All the goodies were then placed in a Halloween themed treat bag.  Can you see what I have forgotten to add before this photo was taken?
I forgot, the witchie poo lollipop holders, and the tic-tacs.  I did remember to put them in the bag before I tied it off.
All the treats placed in the bag, tied off with a tag and a spooky eye.
These three bags are being sent off to my nieces and nephew.
I placed all these goodie bags plus the Halloween Hand Treat bags in a mailing box which I had decorated the lid with a Halloween graphic and some spooky decorations.
I wrapped the gifts in some spooky spider weave type fabric under which I had layered some spiders .. scary
I hope I will not get blamed for any nightmares next week.  They are already in the post so should arrive in time for Halloween.  Hope they like them?
Now to start on Christmas gifts.  My best friend and I decided to exchange advent gifts, and I must admit I have not really started on mine (yet).  They need to be delivered by the 1st December, so I had better get busy.  Not sure if all will be handmade, but I will try my best.  Maximum spend is $5.00 so if anyone has any ideas, they would certainly be appreciated.  My friend is a very crafty lady and loves Christmas as much as I do.
Christmas is coming much to quickly and I need to get more organised.  All the trade shows are finished for the year, so I have no excuses, however I am sure I will be able to think of some.
Until next time


  1. Hi Judy - I do have just a few ideas... I found packs of mini cupcake/patty cases in Christmas colours in my local kitchen shop for $3.95, and a few other Christmassy things there too, cookie cutters tied with Christmas ribbon look good on a tree and are less than $5 each; make a bon bon with toilet roll tube, fill with a couple of DMC threads etc or chocolates, with christmas fabric wrapped around it, tied with Christmas ribbon; printed Christmas ribbon; make a felt "wrapper" for a recycled glass jar stitched with felt stars, gingerbread men etc, fill with homemade biscuits or chocolates; a Christmas fat quarter of fabric; will email any more ideas, can't give too much away as I have an Advent swap with my sister and niece...

  2. Lovely ideas, thank you Meredith. I like the idea of the felt wrapper for a glass jar