Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Pink Ribbon Gifts - 2

Remember I said that I had an idea about using these?

See what they look like now?
I really love how they turned out, quick and easy as well, which is a bonus.
These are the small packets of tic tacs, and I cut my cardstock 2-1/2" x 4-1/2".  Scored at 1/2" and then at 2-1/8".  Then I measured from the opposite end 1-5/8" and scored again.  It ended up looking like this.
The little 1/2" section wrapped around the side of the pack.  I used a 1" circle punch to cut out the hole.  No actual measurements, just lined it up in the middle, and punched.  The snowflake was punched using a Martha Stewart snowflake punch, and then a little rhinestone added to the centre for accent.
Using the same breast cancer printables from Chickabug (see here) I used a glue dot to attach to cover, just overlapping the hole a little bit and ensuring that you catch the ribbon underneath.
Tie the ribbon off in a bow on the side ...
Ten completed - what is next?