Friday, October 25, 2013

Paper Straw Tree Ornaments

I received an email from one of my suppliers with this cute little project for Christmas. 

Paper Straw Christmas Tree Ornaments.

I had the supplies required, so I decided to give them a go ... quick and easy and I think an ideal project for older children.

For each tree you require, 1 1/2 paper straws, 1/2 chenille stick, 7 pony beads, 1 star bead, and a little piece of cord for the hanger.
As I could not find any green paper straws, I thought I would try it with plastic straws.  The colours are not as deep, however it certainly does work the same.
This is a start on my handmade Christmas tree decorations for 2013
Click on the "suppliers" link above for the instructions to make these little trees.

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