Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another slow day

I did start out with good intentions.  Planned to visit the local market, do a quick grocery shop and then home into the studio to start on some small gifts.  The first two, went off without a hitch, and I did find a little metal Ute car that I am going to turn into a pin cushion.... only 50 cents  - can you imagine the tray part as a pin cushion, looking like a covered load?  It is in such good condition.

When I returned home, that is when all my plans went amiss.  I had just put the groceries away, when the power went out.  It was not isolated to just my home, the whole township was without power. No sewing machine, no glue gun, no lights, no computer ... what a shame.

However I did get a little bit of gardening done, which was a bonus as it has been neglected, like everything else lately.

Power was returned at approximately 4:30 pm - just enough time for me to make a Magnetic Fabric Photo Frame so that I could say that I had made at least one thing.

This is just a little quilted frame with two diagonal ribbons sewn in, so that the photos can be interchanged.

Hard to see ribbons in this photo

Back with magnetic strips glued on
I glued magnetic strips on all sides, so that you can position your photos vertical or horizontal.  I think this would be a great gift for grandparents, to easily display photos of their grandchildren on the fridge.

Sister Sue made a black & white 21st card, using one of the new Delish Bistro Keys that have been added to the store this week.

Hope you have had a really crafty weekend

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