Monday, July 11, 2011

Little Tissue Holder - link to tutorial

My readers have been requesting that I give a tutorial on the little tissue holders that were featured in these two blog posts.

I have been procrastinating about this, as it was not my pattern to share, but as luck would have it, we have found the designer.

The very talented Clare Bower from Clare's Craftroom - here is the link to her instructions.

The only changes I make are to use three pieces of fabric, cut 8" x 5", placed on top of each other, and treat as one - this is to give stability to the holder.  Good opportunity to use scraps of fabric as the middle two are not seen.

To save time & money, I usually just sew the 1" folds down with a decorative stitch, although my friend Sonia does sew ribbon on at this stage.

Any questions / problems, just ask and don't forget to go across to Clare's Blog and say thanks ...


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