Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Personalised Subway Art Printables

Before I start this post, I must say, how invaluable the Internet is for making it easy to be creative.
I have found two sites that allow you to type in any words and they create the most wonderful jumbled up "works of art".  The possibilities are endless.

First I tried Wordle - entered in words to assist my niece with a printable to help celebrate her Grandmothers birthday.  You can print from this site, however cannot save the results.

Then I discovered Tagedo - this one has a variety of shapes etc you can choose, you can also save the results as a jpg or png and then use these files in any of your crafts.

Just for fun, I entered in my online store address and was astounded with the results, of course I chose a CAT layout to reflect my store name 

This is the result -

How fantastic does this look?  I have printed it out and will purchase/find a frame and hang it in my craft studio.  I have not done that yet, as I was so excited with this find, I wanted to share it with you.

Just for fun, this is the same link, however in a map of Australia...

I just played around with all the different settings. There are so many different options, shapes, colours, etc. Warning, it is very addicting, Save your artwork as a jpg and you are ready to start creating all kinds of things.

Have fun

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