Thursday, July 07, 2011

Cute finds

It is interesting what you can find to assist you in your craft ...

Patterned paper-clips from the "junky" shop - what can they be used for:
Book marks, tag holders, card making, I am sure there will be a lot of uses, I bought them because they were cute and CHEAP ($1.47 a jar)

Then there were the pins that attached the tags on some new work clothes, a great alternative to rusty safety pins to attach rusty bells etc on my Santa's.  Best price, Free!

Will show photos when I use them.

I have had a request for a tutorial for the little tissue cover, I will do one, but I must admit upfront, it is not my pattern, verbal instructions were given to me .. so I hope I do not break any copyright laws by passing it on.

Does anyone know the legalities of this?



  1. I love those safety pins... they will look great on crafts!

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    Amanda Joy

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