Monday, July 04, 2011

Breast Cancer Drain Bags

I have completed 4 breast cancer drain bags today, so only 2 more to make for my monthly quota.  We have started making a little tissue pack to put inside the bag as a gift, which is a little extra to show we care.  This was at the suggestion of a friend, Sonia, and the feedback we are getting is really positive.  It does not take much to help out.  If you want to help your local hospital, check out this link for more information on how to make the bags.

I have a chicken theme happening here.... this one is from leftover blocks...

Another from a chicken print fabric ... it really is a good way to use up fabric, and only takes approx 1 hour to make a bag.  Go on, make some for your local hospital, it will make you feel good, and help someone else in need.



  1. How very sweet of you! Do you have a tutorial for the tissue wrap?

  2. What an awesome idea! Will have to check with our Hospital. Thanks for sharing :)