Saturday, July 02, 2011

Criss Cross Coasters

I am always looking for something new to add to my gift baskets at Christmas and I came across this tutorial from All Sorts blog from way back in 2006.  Yes I know, sometimes I am really behind the times!
Criss Cross Coasters, using a charm pack .. each coaster takes 6 x 5" squares - or you could make them any size you like.  This is my first set.

They are really sweet and very easy to make.  I suggest using a "walking foot" on your sewing machine, if you have one, it makes it easier to sew through the thicknesses.  I am going to try them in Christmas fabric next.  However in the meantime, I used a twist on the pattern, and folded the fabric into triangles and used the same principle to sew.  An entirely different look.

Two lovely sets of coasters to put away for gifts.



  1. Fabulous idea, cannot wait to try them
    Will be a beaut christmas present

  2. How cool is that? Guess I am way more behind the times than you,cuz this is the first time I have seen these!

  3. Love these I have been making the circle version but will try the square version now!

    This is the circle ones and while I was looking I noticed she did a hexagon too.

  5. These look great love your choice of fabrics!