Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pinterest Save - Away In A Manger Ornament

Gosh. I thought that I was going to fail at the last moment, and not continue with my one Christmas Decoration a day challenge that I set myself. But thankfully Pinterest saved me with this quick little ornament

This ornament was based on a post from "Tales of a Trophy Wife" which I saw on Pinterest.  Lucky I had everything I needed to make these sweet ornaments.
As you can see from the above photo I tried three different versions of the wreath.  The first wrapped in hessian on a bed of wood filling, with a wire hanger.
The second, wrapped in felt on a bed of Spanish moss with a fishing line hanger.
The third and final one I wrapped the baby in wool on a greenery bed, and then placed a larger rusty star on the outside of the wreath.  This one has a jute hanger.
Three little ornaments, that took only about 5 minutes each to make.  Thank you Pinterest!
I do have excuses why I was running late with this post though, do you want to hear?
Firstly my computer was dismantled so that I could have new windows installed yesterday - so I had to reconnect it all AND then today I have spend the entire day packing up online orders from the store.  It was a huge day for me, and I still have to go and water the garden as the temperature reached 36 degrees today.  Just the beginning of the summer heat.
Until tomorrow, take care

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