Monday, November 18, 2013

Chenille Candy Canes

Do you want a easy Christmas project to do with your children?  This project would be ideal - Chenille Candy Canes.

All you need to do it thread alternative red and white pony beads onto a chenille stick (pipe cleaner) and make the hook at the top by bending gently.  Just ensure you double up each end, so that the beads do not slide off.  It is that simple!
I have the pony beads in store - for only fifty cents ($0.50) for a pack of 100 - so a very inexpensive project to make and it also only uses 1/2 chenille stick for each candy cane.
Use these candy canes on your Christmas tree, just loop them over the branches, or as a decoration on your gifts. 

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  1. Hi Judy,
    Loving all of your Christmas ornaments. Each and every one of them. I 'm not sure which is my favorite, I'm caught between the ribbon and the button tree's. I may have to give all of them a try though.
    Take care.