Friday, November 22, 2013

Three More Button Tree Ornaments

As I had the buttons out yesterday to make the button ornament tags, I decided to make some more button tree hanging ornaments using different coloured buttons.

I changed the trunk style, instead of using brown buttons, I used:
1.  a small wooden spool
2.  a gold jingle bell
3.  a small silver liberty bell
This next photo shows the liberty bell base better
Each tree ended up a different size, and this just depends on the number of buttons you use - I really like the variety. 
The only difficulty is finding the right piece to place on top of the tree, the star beads work well although I would have like to have had something different on each.  I had many star and angel buttons, but I could not attach them to the top securely.  I had different coloured stars, so that ensured they are a little different from each other.
I have to warn you once you start making these little button trees, they are addicting, I loved making them
Because I had not set up a tree, I was having a problem trying to take photos of my new ornaments, Today I grabbed a small branch from the yard, and put it in a rusty bucket - just so that I can take these photos ... what do you think?  Nice and rustic!
I hope you have started making your Christmas tree decorations for this year?


  1. Very simple and pretty, Judy! Love the trees; a nice quick project, using buttons!

  2. Judy, love these little trees, do you sell the star beads you have put on top?

  3. Meredith, unfortunately I do not have these star beads for sale. I recommend trying a bead shop for something similar. These were purchased many years ago - they are a "Craftworks" brand, if that helps