Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snowmen Peg Magnets

I am really on a roll with my little Christmas decorations.  Today I hand painted some wooden pegs - just the cheap spring loaded variety.

After a couple of coats of white paint, I drew the snowman faces on with permanent markers, yes I could have painted the faces on, but this was much easier

I then dressed them - rusty buttons, scarves, hats, anything I could find
Check out the tiny weeny buttons on this one!  I burnt my fingers trying to hot glue them down the front.
I then cut a little round magnet in half (so that it would not show from the front) and glued it to the back of each snowman
Now you can place them on the fridge or any other metal surface.  I tried placing them on my new rustic metal Christmas tree, however I could not fit the entire tree in the photo.
Hope you can get the idea from the following couple of photos.
I just realised when I was posting these photos, that I had forgotten to give the snowmen some blush on their cheeks ... I must go and do that immediately before I forget.
I am setting myself a challenge to try and make a small decoration everyday until the end of November ... I hope I succeed.
Take care

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  1. Those are really cute! I was looking for a holiday craft to do with my 7-year-old daughter tomorrow, I think I just found it!