Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm in LUV .....

With this little fellow -

Remember the curtain rings that I purchased for 50 cents  - I have made three more little wreaths, and this birdie is my absolute favourite. 
For this birdie wreath, I just wound green glitter chenille sticks around the curtain ring and then hot glued the little birdie inside
The next variation used the same principle however I used just the common green chenille sticks (no glitter) and then glued a snowman button to the wreath.  A white chiffon ribbon was threaded through the loop at the top for the hanger.
Finally, for the third wreath, I wrapped the outside with white/cream wool and then glued on a bright candy  cane button - threaded through some red/white bakers twine for the hanger.
With the many Christmas buttons available (especially in my online store, check out the link to see just how many different packs of buttons are available, and this does not include the snowmen buttons), the possibilities are endless.
The three wreaths all together so you can see the difference.  They do not look quite the same, when they are lying flat!
I could not resist showing you this next photo, it was the first one I took of the little birdie wreath, with my garden in the background... he nearly got lost in all the greenery.
After playing with my buttons and curtain rings, it has given me an idea for another project using this pack of buttons.  It is a cute pack of buttons from Dress It Up, reflecting the nativity scene which I have just added to the store.
Wish me luck

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