Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ribbon Tree

I know I have been remiss in updating my blog lately, however I have been spending all my free time in the garden.  It is a lovely time of year to renew garden beads, cut back overgrown shrubs etc before the hot summer days.

I have a number of small Christmas Tree decorations to show you, the first is these cute little ribbon trees.

I first saw these on Pinterest, and then I found a site which gave a tutorial with all the measurements.
See link here for Sunshine Yellow blog.
One word of advice if you are making these, is to try and use double-sided ribbon.  Because of the way that they are folded, you see the reverse side ... notice my white ribbon tree.  This was the first one I made and thought it would very cute with the green xmas trees on the ribbon, however on one side of the tree the pretty little trees are on the inside!
The plain green one is much better
But my favourite is the red one - I used the pony beads on this one.
Nice and bright.  I will have to get my small Christmas tree setup, so that I can photograph them actually on a tree, I am sure they would look much better, than just lying flat on the table.
Are you making handmade decorations this Christmas?


  1. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Love these little ribbon trees, I must make some for my Christmas tree this year

  2. I am loving this ornament a day series. These little ribbon trees are gorgeous!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs