Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paper Christmas Trees

My sister Sue and I played with some really old vintage newspapers today - we each created three paper Christmas trees.

The first tree, from the left, was a paper ribbon tree.  We based this on the ribbon Christmas tree hanging ornament.  A wooden skewer was used for the upright which we then glued into a bark chip, stolen from the garden.  I placed a chipboard star on the top of mine, while Sue used a rusty star button, threaded through with jute.
Next, came the layered paper Christmas tree.  This one gave us the most trouble.  We cut out five different sized circles.  Folded them in half four times, and then concertina the folds ... OK on the large circle but by the time you got to the tiny circle (approx. 4cm) it was a little difficult. They are then threaded onto a wooden skewer in descending order.  Sue used a star spray on the top, while I used a angel bottle cap decoration
The final paper tree was a 3D one which we used to make when we were children.  I think we used heavier cardstock for these trees, but today we were playing with newspaper.  Cut out three paper trees, the same size.  Fold two in half, then layer them, one folded on the bottom, making sure you even up the sides, the full tree on top, and then the other folded on top again, but on the opposite side from the bottom folded tree ... I hope this makes sense, as I did not take any photos of the actual processes.  (if you need photos, just leave a comment)
Once you have the three layers together, carefully take them across to your sewing machine and sew down the centre, ensuring all pieces are stitched.  Open out and there is your tree.
You could play with the sizing of each of these trees to make a great mantle display.. I like the idea of adding some rusty miniatures around the trees.
Still 4 days to go on my challenge, what next?

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