Monday, November 25, 2013

Nativity Hanging Tags

In my last post, I had a idea for a pack of Nativity themed buttons.  Add to the pack of buttons a packet of different sized paper tags and an easy project is under way - both the buttons and tags are available in store

                                                SB7473                                     DD1201-42
Just remove the shanks off the back of the buttons, I recommend this tool - BCG100 - Precision Diagonal Craft Cutter - they cut the shank off, flush to the back of the button.  They are also spring loaded, so there is no stress on your hands.
All you need to do now, is glue the buttons onto the paper tags.  Easy.  I joined two tags together for this hanger.  The small split rings used for jewellery were too small, so I used a small keyring to join the two.  They swing nicely on the tree.  If I was making another set of these tags, I would put Joseph on the other side of Mary, so that the hook is not on the inside .. funny how you see these little mistakes AFTER you have finished!

I used the lamb and angel buttons on the next tags, and also included a star/snowflake button, which I think works quite well
That just left the little donkey button - all on his own
Using any buttons, this would be a very easy project to share with your children.  The tags can then be hung on the tree or used to decorate your gifts.  Lots of fun
Until next time


  1. How simple, but so effective

  2. oh wow! they are quite clever!

    1. Very simple Cath, I think the possibilities are endless with all the fantastic novelty buttons available