Saturday, December 07, 2013

Dear Santa - I Can Explain

Have you seen this saying around at Christmas time - "Dear Santa - I Can Explain"?  Well I am going to use the same type of phrase - "Dear Blogging Friends - I Can Explain"

I fell short on my Christmas decorations every day for two weeks right at the finishing line, with only 2 days to go - I had a hiccup. We had a couple of extremely hot days and my poor old dog ( he is 13 years old) did not handle it very well ... at one stage there I thought I was going to lose him ... very scary.  However we have had a couple of cooler days, and he is back on his feet again and I have been able to get back to my craft and blogging.

The second last Christmas tree decoration that I made were these cute sandpaper gingerbread men - they were based on a idea I saw on the Sew Many Ways blog.  I used a gingerbread cookie cutter to trace the shape onto sandpaper, cut them out and decorated.   I only had fabric dimensional paint for the icing, but it worked really well, and then on this next one, I kept the white theme with a fluffy scarf made wool and tiny snowflake buttons

The next gingerbread man , just had tiny buttons glued down his front with a felt bowtie .. I think it is just the angle of the photo showing him a little distorted (?)
The third gingerbread man was given a bakers twine bow, and then some scrapbooking crystals stuck down the front.
The last little snowman was kept very natural with a raffia bow and laser cut wooden star buttons
If you have children this would be a very easy and inexpensive project to do with them.
The final decoration for my challenge were these little snowman ornaments - all I used were two different sized polystyrene balls held together with a toothpick. 
I had made some clay snowman noses, all shapes and sizes, so grabbed one of those with small black button eyes, a flannel scarf, a felt hat and star buttons, he looks quite aloof from this angle.
The second snowman turned out entirely different.  I gave him grapevine twig arms, with a little Christmas bulb decoration,  The star button on his tummy is a scrapbooking brad, easy to poke into the polystyrene ball.
Check out the side of view of his nose
These were the two projects I was supposed to post at the end of November, but better late than never, right?
I did finish off a couple of little beaded elves yesterday, and I must admit I want to make more.. I found this idea on another blog, but I did not mark it, and just had the basic idea of how to make them, I think they turned out OK, however I am still searching for the originator to give credit to.
How cute is he?  All that is needed are pipe cleaners, beads, felt and a small jingle bell.
The next photo shows one in the making stage, I was interrupted, so I took a photo. He doesn't look cute here, does he?
Here he is all finished
He looks better now.  I will be spending time with my nieces and nephews next weekend, so I hope to be able to make more of these decorations with them.
Have you seen the Rudolph Candy Cane Holder pattern over on "Red Brolly" blog, that is on my list of projects to make this weekend, although I am supposed to be laying mulch in the garden.  Let me think, Garden or Craft, tough choice!
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  1. So very cute! I have been doing so much pinning this weekend and you have given me inspiration to get some ideas made. Not sure when I will start though! Glad your furry friend is doing better