Saturday, December 21, 2013

Getting Ready

While it was so hot yesterday, I finished off some preparations for Christmas as well as some doggy gifts.

Selina from Selina Quilts made some for Christmas last year, and I gave myself a reminder to make some this year for all my family and friends dogs.  I used some thicker fabric, and used a "old" Debbie Mumm panel print for the graphics.  I think they turned out rather cute?
The sizing I used for the 600 ml Mt Franklin water bottles were 12" x 5 1/2", just in case you want to make some.  I should explain they only have the empty water bottle inside, which makes a lovely crunchy noise when chewed on.  Great inexpensive toy for your dog.
I still have four more to finish, I just ran out of empty water bottles, however in this heat, I should have them finished very soon
Of course, I gave my old dog Brandy one to take for a test drive.

OK, I think I will keep it, thanks.
This year our Christmas, is called the "off" year, when it is the partners turn to have Christmas with their family.  That means NO kids, boo hoo - I love having the kids home for Christmas, the excitement is contagious.  So we will only have 18 adults for Christmas day.  As you can imagine seating that many is difficult, so we go with the casual seating.  All the cutlery is bundled up for easy access.  This year, I have wrapped them in a serviette, secured them with a Christmas hair band, and tucked a mini candy cane through.  Festive enough?
These stationary containers make a ideal container for the cutlery.
Last little task was to try and make some fans.  These turned out OK but I would not claim them as one of my greatest achievements.  I just used corrugated cardboard, glued together for strength, sewed across the top for the green ones and then decorated with Christmas stickers.  The brown ones I kept plain and just used the red cotton as the accent. As they will probably end up a throw away item, I did not spend much time on them.  Although I must admit they are very effective.  They will keep us cool as well as keep the flies away.
I have not ventured into the craft studio today, lazy day in the air conditioning. 
This may be the last project I do until after the Christmas - New Year holiday, but it has certainly been a fun year.
To you and your family, have a wonderful Christmas

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  1. So glad to hear that you are running with my dog toy idea. Very fun and festive look yours has. Your dog looks very happy.
    Your flatware looks great wrapped up and standing tall and the fans are a great idea.

    Oh I loved the candy cane wreath your niece made. I will have to mark that one for next year.

    Enjoy your holidays. Selina