Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rudolph Candy Cane Holders

Red Brolly had the template and tutorial for these Rudolph Candy Cane Holders - click here to download.

These ones are going to my family this weekend.  I sewed the eyes and mouth on rather than gluing and I also added a little piece of fake fur between his ears for that little bit of character and originality.

Minimal supplies required, felt (brown & white), red bead for nose and googly eyes.

Each one was unique so that the children will know which one is theirs, I just changed the colour of the ear inserts.

I think this pattern would be great, enlarged to be used as a utensil holder.  That may have to wait for another day/year.

I'm Looking At You!

Now, what is next?  Cath over at Bits 'n Bobs made a beautiful Button Christmas Tree in a frame yesterday - I loved how it turned out.  I may need to scrimmage through my junk supplies to find a unused picture frame.

Although first on my list for tomorrow is to make up some Christmas Decoration kits for the children.  I will definitely be adding, the beaded elves, the beaded candy canes, maybe the dolly peg angels, and lots of extras ... if it is a hot day it will be nice to do some craft indoors.

Are you ready for Christmas?

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  1. Well Done Judy! I love the addition of the tuft of fur!
    Merry Christmas to you.