Saturday, January 12, 2013

Two Birthday Gifts

Two family members are having birthdays this week.

My nephew James is turning 21!  For BIG birthdays we all put in money and give cash, so that the recipient can buy something special, however I always like to give a little gift so that they have a "present" to open on the day.

James is having a party today, so I thought that I would make a "Morning After" kit seeing how he is celebrating his 21st birthday and may need it tomorrow.

I went the the local discount store and supermarket for all the goodies that I used to fill this metal tub.
All inexpensive items, as it meant to be a "fun" gift only

The items I bought:

Recover Gatorade, Mother Energy Drink, Water, Coca Cola
First aid kit, Cold Pack, Chap Stick, Panadol, Hairy Lemon Vitamin B, Mouthwash
Tissues, Cracker Biscuits, Recover Protein Bar, Mentos mints
DVD and Sunglasses

All the items were placed in the metal tub, and a little label created and tied on with Bakers Twine.

I am still debating whether or not I will wrap the whole tub in cellophane?

The next birthday is my sister-in-law Jennene's on Monday 14th

Once again I purchased a gift voucher, this time for a manicure and / or pedicure

Rather than just popping the voucher in with the card, I filled a gift box with cotton balls, and tied together a bottle of nail polish and a emery board with a little ribbon.  Then placed these on top of the envelope with the gift voucher.

Another fun way to present your gift, and very easy to post.

Do you also have gifts early in the year?  It is hard to think of something to give after all the Christmas shopping.

Until next time


  1. Very clever yet again. I'm with you, I don't mind giving cash or gift cards but I want there to be something to unwrap. Very good choices here.

  2. Anonymous9:25 pm

    I am the recipient of gifts early in the year as it was my birthday last Wednesday. There are always lots of groans from family when they try to think of something so soon after Christmas. My husband has the right idea though, he buys my birthday present when he does his Christmas shopping.