Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aussie Chocolate Wagon

My sister Sue wanted to know how to make the Chocolate Sleigh that I made before Christmas.
I had a few little pieces of chocolate left over from Christmas that we could use.

This is the result

We got talking, and decided that we should be able to use the same principle for other occasions.  Who doesn't like chocolate?

We have Australia Day coming up soon, so we decided to use that as our theme.

Using the following items from my online store:
Rusty Tin Wagon

Aussie Slang Stickers

                                                       Click to see full size image

Then added:
String and Raffia
Kangeroo Key Ring

We finished up with a fun rusty wagon filled with chocolates, with the Aussie Slang stickers on the side being pulled by a little fluffy kangeroo.  Very Australian . I loved the end result, what do you think?

Now l have to make another one, as my sister took this one home with her, she loved it so much!!
Do you have any ideas of how else we could make use of the chocolate sleigh idea?



  1. so sweet in so many ways. Don't know what's cuer the wagon or the kangaroo. I'm thinking we need a plan for Valentine's day and Easter. If I think of a plan i'll let you know.

    1. Count me in, when you have the plan let me know